The owls are not what they seem

Especially when they are not owls at all! Ho ho ho!

Today I visited a graveyard in Stormheim. I was not dead at the time. A bunch of ravens hung around there… observing… waiting… drooling…
Ok, they were not drooling, I am just trying to make this story a bit more exiting! They were probably drooling in their mind.

My escape was hasty! I look healthy, strong, dangerous (a little?) and not so tasteful, but not taking any risks with those birds!


2 thoughts on “The owls are not what they seem

  1. What a detail 🙂 I have noticed them in the forest of the Darkmoon Faire too – and they actually take flight when you approach them. Pretty cool 🙂

    This is not cool, though!

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    1. Oh I must check them out on Darkmoon Isle!
      Just struck me, the English word “ravenous”. Wonder if that has to do with raven? Otherwise, ravens are more associated with knowledge and so on, not with hunger. Although they are scavengers.

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