Trans-mage-ification with matching mounts. ft. Khadgar.

I did make a post about a mog I had on my mage, and here is an update, including some images I forgot to include the first time…

My mage these days only uses Spectral Windrider for flying. It matches ice/white/blue style nicely, I think.


This mount (on alliance it becomes Spectral Gryphon) is the only truly grandfathered mount(s) I have. They are AFAIK not obtainable in any way any more. Mage, mount and rain in Dread Wastes.


Flying high.


Have not noted on other mogs, but this one (same as above) got quite a bit of colouring from the environment:


In class hall:

Mage in class hall

When BfA hit I got a new mog. My tailor had just learnt his last vanilla mooncloth pattern (I am a casual collector) so I thought it would be nice on mage. Gotta love account-wide appearances.


I have just done the introductory quests to BfA, so mage is mostly spending time in class hall. I also cleaned out old quests from log, which made Khadgar-in-a-bubble appear to offer me a quest. He follows me around, funny and and annoying. He seems to inspect my transmog! Wait…. Hey! Khadgar! You old…


He likes to be centre of attention




For ground mount, I really love the Nightborne manasaber from the Nightborne allied race quest line. I also added a tabard for the outfit (forgot which one). Eventually, I’ll get the Frostwolf tabard. Will probably do a lot of AV while levelling. A rare visit to Silvermoon.


While am on subject of mage and mount, I found this screenie. Have no idea what happened there. Mage is JC, so that mount is home made 🙂


4 thoughts on “Trans-mage-ification with matching mounts. ft. Khadgar.

  1. Yes so many mounts. I am a casual collector, but the amount these days is bordering on the meaningless. And I must agree with cheetah. I use that as much as I can. 😀
    Water strider is very useful, but it is a bit ironic we have so many to chose from, but that one is predominant in new expansion islands when no one has flying yet.

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  2. Hah, I miss Khadgar. Great one 🙂 I didn’t know of that mount at all, so many things in game are retired.

    My favorite mount of all is the Hunter Class mount from Legion. I wish I had that, and I wish I could use it on my Druid. I love Mounts that looks great running and flying.

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    1. Khadgar is a combination of hero and silly. I do not think there are many like him in WoW? I hope he comes back in some way.
      I have a few other mounts that were grandfathered but came back. I do not like that really. To clarify, I would not like that for stuff (e.g titles) I do NOT have myself, either. Grandfathered stuff tells the history of WoW.
      The hunter mount is very nice. I had five 110s but only one I got class mount on. But some day I’ll pick up on some of those old questlines… I think the monk one is awesome, but I will probably never get a monk.

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