Firefestival outfit

The past weekend, Blizzard had free-to-play for players who have been offline for a while. I had not played since February, so I thought: “Why not try?”. And here I am now and have resubscribed… Like probably many others… Suckers! At least I payed with in game gold! Swedish currency has been going down a […]

Soundtrack alternatives part IV

The time has come for the horde to get some soundtracks from me. This is purely race-based, music for races. To be clear, I did not invent the Warcraft universe, do not blame the keyboardist! First off is the Forsaken. Of course I came to think of God Save the Queen with Sex Pistols. I […]

Soundtrack alternatives part 3

Alliance Here we are at part three of my musical confoundering (!) of WoW soundtracks. A wonderful auditory jambalaya that surely (sour-ly?) will enhance your experience and heighten your enjoyment of the game we all love. The time has come for Alliance race music. Which in other contexts would sound really strange to say, but […]

Soundtrack alternatives part 2

Professions Professions is something I like with WoW, although Legion was a resounding MEH on that front. I do not think professions in wow have music? The gnomes have their zink zonk plonk music, and it certainly gives association to nutty engineering, but otherwise…? So, let’s start with engineering. I had some trouble finding something […]