My subscription ran out two days ago. I sat down now at computer to see if I am going to re-subscribe. For the past year I managed to pay almost every month with in game gold. Right now log in screen says it cost me 179,154 gold for 30 days.

In game gold subscription price

I am not sure how much I have in total, but at best double that? I am not saving any more for expensive mounts or rare recipes, so I don’t mind being “poor”. One month subscription cost €12.99. A token cost €20.00! To buy in game gold with real money is a lot more expensive than selling in game gold for token (which sort of represent real money). The AH token price is market-dependent, the token price in Blizzard shop is not, it seems. Why would anyone buy a token for €20 to gain a lot less in game gold than before? Is Blizzard losing more and more on players (cheapskates like me) who subscribe with in game gold, and winning more and more on those that buy tokens for real money?

The in game price on tokens are a lot less now than in Legion, plus the Swedish currency is going down (we have our own political shit show here) in relation to EURO and other currencies so the gap is widening for me; it is “cheaper” to subscribe with in game gold than buy subscription. It is a bit cheaper to buy six months in one go, but not interested in that right now.

Maybe I am just tired and brainfogged and mixing apples and pears. Maybe the game does not atm have enough pull for me to pay real money?

Hopefully I make any sense…

P.S. It just strikes me as funny that most of the gold we encounter is in a game, while the “real” money lost base in gold many years ago. Maybe I am just a grumpy old codger 😉

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