My game subscription ended a while ago, and I thought of taking a short break. It turned out to be longer. I also told myself while on break from game, I could catch up on blogging, wading through the big pile orderly queue of screenshots waiting to be published. That has not happened either. It's... Continue Reading →


Be afraid, be very afraid 2

It's back! Or is it another??! How many are there?? Mechagnomes are on the rise. "Women and children first!" "And gnomes!" "No, not gnomes!"


Scaling - a reptile conspiracy! . . . . . . j/k I like the new scaling of zones. I am trying to do the Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms loremaster achievements slowly on alts. Been focusing on Kalimdor. When my rogue hit 60, she had about 9/60 quests in Dustwallow Marsh from earlier. I had though of... Continue Reading →

The yellow warlock

Two days ago I finally finished the quest line for Improving on History. I started on it a long time ago, but did not get very far. One thing I do not like are pugging five man dungeons. It is usually a mad rush. These days most are so well geared, so people do mythic... Continue Reading →

In the morning!

... my vison is double? But... I have the screenshot to prove this strange occurrence in Northrend Dalaran. "It's rhonin men", as the old song goes.

The owls are not what they seem

Especially when they are not owls at all! Ho ho ho! Today I visited a graveyard in Stormheim. I was not dead at the time. A bunch of ravens hung around there... observing... waiting... drooling... Ok, they were not drooling, I am just trying to make this story a bit more exiting! They were probably... Continue Reading →

Almost Bad Santa

I've been affliction specced for about half a year now, but planning to go back to destro. To celebrate that, and also to make a very late Winter Veil transmog, I came up with the below. Weapon appearance is PVP Destruction look from Prestige level 16. It would have been nice with a proper winter... Continue Reading →

Rocket science

A gnome warrior's story: Just before Christmas I had, through much work and frugal living saved up materials to build myself a rocket. That I could sit comfortably in and fly high and fast with. I am still quite proud of it. I have not walked around telling everyone what an accomplished engineer I am,... Continue Reading →

Green fangs, white cat

I've had the hidden look, Moonspirit, for Fangs of Ashamane for a while. When I first saw that appearance , I thought it was a bit weird. But I have grown to really like it. The other day I had done 200 world quests with that so I could get a new color variety, white... Continue Reading →

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