Coming expansion

There are so much speculation about coming expansions, but I think I have the truf!

Forget Old Gods, Naga, The Void, Troll Islands, The Big Blingtron Army, Time Travel ….

Recently I picked up this through the windmills.. err… wind chimes..? Eh… grapevine! But rumours are not enough, there are also clear indications (if you just believe!) in game already. First have a look at the Stormrage Bros:

Malfurion been a bit lost in the corruption, but we gave Xavius a well-deserved spanking. Mal will soon be back kicking ass, and I do not think he want as yet to settle down to family life with Tyrande. Or maybe she doesn’t. Maybe they are not even genetically compatible? He does seem to have got stuck between three different forms. Love is blind.

Illidan got back in the game, a sort of redemption, but then he went full bazooka by first calling on Argus and then claiming he is his own master, even against the Light. I almost expected him to shout “WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!”

The we have Velen, leader of the Draenei, and sharing first place with Malfurion in the Biggest Baddest Beard contest. Velen has been all Holy and Light, but then when Illidan went all “individual” he seems to almost shrug and think “shit happens”. Look how he dances with joy to be back on Argus:

Finally, Turalyon, who is probably the oldest human that ever lived. He has been fighting a thousand years in some other dimensions and worlds, and while he is a bit scarred and look a bit tired, I must say he is pretty fresh. Is he a man or is he machine? (I play on Turalyon realm, so in this world he is a machine). I wonder if his armor is that old? How often does he change his underwear? But I digress. He is all Holy and Light, but when Alleria says she must research and use The Void and the shadow, he goes “Yes, dear.” Anyway, it was awesome to finally meet these two characters.

Now what do these four guys have in common?

That’s right, they are old. Not as the titans, but as for beings of flesh, they have accumulated a decent, even astonishing, amount of years. This fact is not proof, nor confirmation, but an indication (I am very careful and scientific here!) that the next expansion will be:


The Whispers of The Old Codgers

I guess this can be a bit of a shock, but it’s obvious once you notice it! These guys are basically good, powerful but also straddling into other not so clean and holy dimensions. That’s just part of getting old. They are not immortal, but they are stubborn as […] and will probably live long and prosper. They want their will to have a big impact on the world(s). By all means necessary.

The finer details of this expansion I am still gathering. Will soon be back with another post with more info.

That’s all for now. Remember where you heard this first.



Again, I am posting after the fact. I did take screenies, and they have been waiting for me. I cannot resist their passive-aggressiveness any more!

This year I did Brewfest for the first time in years and years. Mostly on Alliance side, but 2017 was the year I dared go to Orgrimmar to have a look at the Horde version of the festival. It is a bit surreal. Brewfest for me, ever since vanilla, is Ironforge and dwarves. Horde side looks at first quite similar, there are rams, ram racing and quest to bark for one of two alcohol producers. The visitors are different:

That troll really wanted to be in picture. He kept staring at me the whole time, and even did some dancing. Attention seeker, obviously. When I gulped down a bottle of Storming Saison, he seemed happy!

Stormy Saison can drop for Horde from Coren Direbrew, but otherwise the Horde corresponding item to buy is Spirit Spirits. I have no screenies from Brewfest, but I have one from Thunder Bluff just to show the effect:

Back to Orgrimmar Brewfest! On horde side the dwarves are very skinny:

Something’s not quite right here!

There are two competing ethanol-product manufacturers, Drohn’s Distillery and T’chali’s Voodoo Brewery. The second one are obviously trolls, the first one are orcs. However, it seems to be goblins running the whole Brewfest, and probably siphoning off 95% of the profits. Here’s my mage pondering the risks of drinking any of their products:

I also think orcs in Bavarian/Tyrolian outfit is really odd. These poor guys must really been fallen on hard times to dress up like this. I mean… they are orcs!!! Maybe they like the leather?

I did ram racing, and had no idea where to go, but just tried to follow others. It went quite well and managed to do a decent amount of rounds. I used to do a lot on Alliance. This year I was rusty but with some practice managed to do 19 deliveries (38 tokens) for the dwarves. I might have reached 20, if I had made no mistakes. Feels like that would be my limit. I guess there is a theoretical limit, but I don’t know what that is.

As a final goodbye to Horde Brewfest, I flew up to get a birds view. Main area to right, ram racing to left.

I flew up as far as I could. Looked like this. To the left is front gate to Orgrimmar.

Hmm… the water thingie on right looks a bit heartshaped. Is that a result of Deathwing giving his love to Durotar when he went bananas?

Hope you survived this post thus far, and that it will not give you a hangover.


Spirit of Harvest

While Brewfest is on, Harvest Festival might go slightly unnoticed. If you do the quest to visit Uther’s grave, you are rewarded with a spiritshard, a magic buff item. There are four to choose from. So far I did the quest on my warrior. Frankly I mostly did it for the xp, but it is a nice quest. Stay a while at his grave. In addition, the reward is nice! My warrior chose the Vengeful Spiritshard. Not that she is vengeful, but warriors rage a lot, and… uh.. well…

The shard has three charges, and the effect stays on for an hour. It is fitting to roar!

Roar for Uther!

Yes, those are her weapons transmogged. She is not roaring with windmills, even if that would trump Don Quijote!

P.S. The white in her mouth is toothpaste. She forgot to rinse properly this morning. Luckily she doesn’t roar in front of bathroom mirror.

Go turtle!

About a week ago I had “earned” 150 Curious Coins, so I could buy the Arcadian War Turtle. Hurray!

The acquiring of coins was very slow early in Legion, but it has picked up speed. Sometimes I’ve gotten two. As far as I remember I got them from emissary and paragon quests. Maybe the odd one from pvp or a weekly.

I am a bit of a mount collector, but I am not manic about it. But I often get a new mount, I try it, and then forget about it. I probably have some I never summoned, which happens when you get 4 or 6 or so from getting exalted with some faction. The only turtles I had before were from the Panda faction. I really never used them. The Arcadian one is different! It is smaller, more like the rare Sea and Riding Turtles, but more armoured. With this you ride a little tank. I love it! It also gives a certain silliness. I haven’t seen anyone with it before, but then most people are on their flying mounts. Or maybe don’t want to look silly. It’s my new favourite ground mount. If I could equip it with rockets and fly I would. But maybe it would injure it. After all I am not a gnome engineer!

Oh well, some times …

The Arcadian War Turtle is made for war. I guess… It has thick armour, so I, as I sometimes do, try to make a transmog that fits. As a clothie, I figured the Stormwind Set from Dwarven Bunker in our garrison would be a good start for some plate-looking appearance. The whole set look odd on a warlock, though it may fool the Horde in pvp 😉

I changed pants, and headpiece, and removed shoulders. The tabard that look best, imho, for this is the Shattered Sun one. Adding to the warlike (oh well…) look, I transmogrified my weapon into the vanilla (Replica) Grand Marshal Stave. I reached rank 12 in vanilla, which wasn’t bad. But I do feel a little like a cheat. On the other hand, the stave is awesome, so my ethics are a little flexible ho ho.

I give you: The Flea Market Super Hero!


From behind, as that is how we usually see our chars, the turtle waddles slightly when running, adding to the do-not-take-the-game-so-serious feeling. I would guess the effect would be best on large races, such as tauren. Or moonkin 🙂


I use it every time I go into a battleground. It surely does not scare the horde, but it makes it more fun for me! 😀


This morning I came out of a (win) battleground and found myself dead at the point I had joined the bg. Which was in our class hall at the lady that provides Demonic Phylactery. There were no recent dots, last thing that hit me according to combat log, was Chain Lightning Overload. It hit me with a lot of overkill. But I wasn’t dead when bg ended. I guess there was some sweet spot time-wise that hit me. Looks funny. I have not, to my recollection, being dead in Deadscar Rift before. I feel it is an accomplishment of sort. 😀

Last thought: Wowhead states that Demonic Phylactery has a buyout price. That is very odd.

Pirated shirt

I am a bit behind so this is posted a few days after the fact.

I have skipped wow Pirates’ Day for some years. This year I checked if there was any new achievements. There was not, so I thought I’d skip it. I am not a huge achievement hunter, but somehow my attitude is a bit boring. Why does everything have to be “productive”? On the morning about an hour before Pirate Day ended I checked wowhead, just in case. There was a toy to get from a “rare” shark spawning in the bay. I got there in time and got the toy. Now I even forgot what the toy was… checking… it was Slightly-Chewed Insult Book. Which I now realize I forgot to test… I have had less time to play, but this is a bit ridiculous. The game is like a big sheet with work orders. No one forces us to play that way, but…

Anyhow, while visiting Booty Bay I got the 12 hour pirate look buff. Yarr! Behold!


That is me standing before the portal to Dreadscar Rift, the cosy warlock hangout, where everything is about class. And green goo.

One thing that was odd with it was that when I took the portal, I arrived on the other side with a changed colour of my shirt. This also happened at times when taking other portals. It also at least on one occasion happened when I mounted! Quite funny. Here is me in front of our “beloved” (we say that when we are near her) imp mother:


I guess the colour shifting “bug” was caused by having a shirt transmogged into a red shirt, specifically the Red Workman’s Shirt.