Forward to the history

At a cinema… computer near you.

Hello, fellow travellers! I have not posted for ages, I collected screenies, I have ideas (!), and I even have some post drafts (the oldest from October 2017…). To my defense, I …

Dark Legacy has been around since vanilla. I do not think I was aware of it back then. Looked a little at some old posts. AQ is well into the future, but this strip is a funny reminder of strange boat behaviours in vanilla. I am pretty sure we will not see that. The world was new and there were also quirks, both contributing the the pioneering feeling we will never get back. That said, Classic can be fun anyway.

I never experienced boat in Stonetalon Mountains (a mini-cataclysm of sorts), but left standing in air in Menethil was pretty funny. Part of the nostalgia are those funny bugs. I guess we will not see Captain Placeholder in Classic.

I sometimes take a boat in retail. I am sole passenger almost every time. It was more lively in vanilla. It will be in Classic, too. I do wish the sea travel would be a little longer, the portal comes up too fast. And the sails are still up in harbour in retail… That is pretty daft. At least that’s one thing that is not better in retail. 😉 When I was young and travelled, I did experience on several occasions arriving in small cargo/passenger ships arriving at distant shores. I often got reminded of that when arriving by boat in game, although in game it is a rather primitive experience. Still, even simple stories and graphics can pull brain and heart. To commend BfA a bit, Boralus is a magnificent place, one can almost smell the sea and fish and tar there. On the other hand, less fancy graphics may give the player more space in mind to “fill” in a personal manner, as for example books > radio > film, generally speaking. Yes, I am an old codger. Vanilla may impose less on mind, if I may sound a bit pretentious. Since there are no achievements, people do more stuff for the fun of it. Like collecting recipes, which still is not achievement, but more of a “nerd” thing 🙂

Some of the more “crazy” stuff will probably not be possible in practice. E.g. that gnome with Sulfaras that started war with Argent Dawn (lol). It was pretty nutty, and they put elite guards at Light’s Hope Chapel. A player could affect the world. In 1.13 the guards will be there from start, I presume.

Now I can’t write more, as I have to go and do dailies. Modernity ftw.

The hills are aliiiive with the exclamation marks of daaaaaaailies.

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