Coming expansion, pt 2

My previous post, about next expansion, outlines what my supreme theorizing lead me to… predict. I strongly advise you to read it first. In this post I have gathered the little information I have. Remember, these are rumours combined with deduction and I take no responsibility for any occurence of truth or falsehoods or whatever […]

Coming expansion

There are so much speculation about coming expansions, but I think I have the truf! Forget Old Gods, Naga, The Void, Troll Islands, The Big Blingtron Army, Time Travel …. Recently I picked up this through the windmills.. err… wind chimes..? Eh… grapevine! But rumours are not enough, there are also clear indications (if you […]

Schrödinger’s barrel

While doing tower “pvp” world quests, I often pick up and throw barrels, because it is fun. Today I happened to stand on top on one while picking it up. I administered it to the npcs. I remained in air! The barrel is both there and not there. Magic!   Info: the red effect around […]


Again, I am posting after the fact. I did take screenies, and they have been waiting for me. I cannot resist their passive-aggressiveness any more! This year I did Brewfest for the first time in years and years. Mostly on Alliance side, but 2017 was the year I dared go to Orgrimmar to have a […]

Spirit of Harvest

While Brewfest is on, Harvest Festival might go slightly unnoticed. If you do the quest to visit Uther’s grave, you are rewarded with a spiritshard, a magic buff item. There are four to choose from. So far I did the quest on my warrior. Frankly I mostly did it for the xp, but it is […]