Trying out themes

Every theme I try, puts post in a column, maybe 800 px wide. Creating big unused space on side. There is rarely no reason have fixed width on a web page. That’s what pdf is for. I don’t care how it looks on a phone! If I have pictures, they look shite. Even when viewing them full size they come out smaller. I’ve even shrunk images and they look better. Not sure why. Maybe I am taking screenies the wrong way? I can never get any really nice quality when put on this blog. I’ve never had that problem before, but with this blog, it just comes out bad. If a pic is in full HD, why show it like shit? I must be doing something wrong.

I’ll try out themes, so this site may look odd on and off.

Posted in WoW.

4 thoughts on “Trying out themes

  1. It looks great so far! I must admit I normall read many Blog Posts in the WordPress Reader, but if the post has pictures, I use standard internet 🙂

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    1. The WordPress reader is very nice. I also read most posts through it 🙂
      The theme I settled for was quite ok. Light text on dark background is not I am very fond of, but it makes the pictures look better! 😉

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