Follow up to previous post

I had some trouble understanding the logic of the conversion from old to new system.

I got a reply on a ticket:

My comments on this:
1. It is still not clear why there is no logical continuation, nor a total reset of the system, as e.g. it was with going from vanilla to Burning Crusade. Maybe I am stupid but I cannot see the logic here.
2. Referring to a wowhead post for info is a bit meagre. But better than nothing as I have searched wowhead repeated times to find that without success.
3. The choice to confirm I have read the ticket reply is either “Marked as resolved” or “I still have issues”. It’s not resolved, it is just a reply. I do have issues, but that of course is not resolvable. Because the system is what it is. I clicked “resolved” just to take away the reminder.

I realise I also have the title Bound by Honor. Another thing I will work on to achieve again! Pardon my sarcasm.

As I see it, it is not bad mathematics that made this situation, it is laziness on Blizzard’s part. This way they do not have to create new rewards. I think it is as simple as that. They could have given new mounts, or shirts, or some unusual appearance pieces or what not. Funny hats.


I think many things with BfA is great, but the meh things are piling up.

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15 thoughts on “Follow up to previous post

  1. Bwahahaha. I’m sorry. I’m not making fun of your post or what you have written. That response. “Check WoWhead, or Send the Developers a Tweet”.

    A multi billion dollar company that gets the majority of revenue from paying subscribers should be able to do a little better than, go check this 3rd party web site, or be one of the thousands that send tweets at the Dev Twitter account each day that they will just ignore.

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  2. ……………..I don’t know what to say. I would offer you to hire an Orca-Blizzard-cheerleader-fangirl from my Avenue, but lately they have refused to show up for work… 😦 :/ Things are NOT easy over at the Blizzard fangirl department these days, I’ll tell ya,

    That “Go to Twitter” crap really pisses me off! Seriously, I would do something about this. Marathal, you are on Twitter, could you post it with a Dev-WoW thing hashtag, thing? If Wisteria is okay with using the image. I get they probably won’t see it, but at least we have done something. It’s ridiculous! Grrrrrrrr.

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    1. I don’t think we should post the image on twitter. It may be taken as critique of support, when the problem is really in the making of the game.

      I did write a post with annoyance, but the feeling is often /shrug. BfA was off to such a good start, but now it feels a bit like a leaking balloon. Not farting around the room with fanfare, more loosing air sloowly.

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        1. There was a time many employees of Blizzard were all over Twitter, talking and interacting with players, and for the most part it was civil, sure they couldn’t say much, but you had an impression that someone was listening and cared. Then they made the @WarcraftDev account and the walls went up. All comments had to be directed there. And it became almost a siege on the account with people yelling and demanding to be heard. The feeling is all they do is push through press briefings on what they want to say, they don’t answer a lot of specific questions unless it is a problem they are aware of.

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            1. When the company was pretty much printing money back in the Wrath era with millions of subs I’m sure it was more open, when things started sliding down they may have tightened up on what information was freely exchanged. Who knows. Maybe years from now someone may be able to look back on a specific decision made that changed everything.

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  3. There feels like a disconnect on communication going on. In sorry your ticket response didnt feel resolved. I’ve encountered similar feelings before.

    It is laughable that they say to tweet a dev for more info. Especially when they are known to basically not respond to anything.

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