Pirated shirt

I am a bit behind so this is posted a few days after the fact. I have skipped wow Pirates’ Day for some years. This year I checked if there was any new achievements. There was not, so I thought I’d skip it. I am not a huge achievement hunter, but somehow my attitude is […]

Legendary Champion Equipment

I had no idea these things even existed! I was quite flabbergasted I got one from a Court of Farondis emissary quest. Ward of Infinite Fury, which, if I understand Wowhead correctly, is not even supposed to drop from emissary caches? This is how surprised I was: First I saw the orange text and thought […]

A heads up on a demo of an artifact

After finishing this post, I realise the images are very grainy. 😦 I must have had some settings wrong when exporting them. Hope they make sense. My main is warlock. I have been affliction for maybe 3 months after playing destro for years before that. The third spec, demonology, I have not played to any […]

On guard!

Azsuna is probably one of the most varied zones ever created in WoW. Blue dragons, naga, interesting wildlife, demons, Illidari, murlocs, you have it. Not last and not least: the ghostly elves of Nar’thalas. Their guards and warriors, The Nightwatchers, are basically night elves, in model and voice. Apart from the ghostliness. But they do […]

A filthy rich goblin

If you are not a jewelcrafter, you might not know of this guy. He doesn’t look much. He has a short walk in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, near the entrance to the Siege of Orgrimmar. He sells Orb of Mystery, a necessary ingredient for the five panther mounts made by jewelcrafters. It costs 20,000 gold […]