Almost Bad Santa

I’ve been affliction specced for about half a year now, but planning to go back to destro. To celebrate that, and also to make a very late Winter Veil transmog, I came up with the below. Weapon appearance is PVP Destruction look from Prestige level 16. It would have been nice with a proper winter hat, but Winter Veil is over, and this is Not Much Bad Santa. Useable on Halloween? 😉


I try to look a bit more evil. Almost Bad Santa?


PS. I have not seen the film Bad Santa, so any reference to that movie is purely coincidental.


2 thoughts on “Almost Bad Santa

    1. The weapon also comes in green, so could make a green santa’s little big “helper” too! I did very little transmogging before Legion, but now I enjoy it. Not sure my hapless warlock does it 😀
      Atm I am back to my first lvl 110 mog, the Farmer. The only mog I had so far that I actually got praise from other players unknown to me.

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