I’ve been really bad at posting here. First I did not play much at all and then I have taken screenshots sometimes and have ideas for subjects, but never got around posting anything. Did not make any Happy Thoughts posts either. So I must ask for advance pardon with a bit of grumpy grumpy.

The BfA honor system was a continuation, or rather a spill-over, from the Legion system, as I already have complained about.

One excellent thing with the new system is that honor is account wide, so I can pvp on whatever 120 char I prefer. So I have fun with my MM hunter and my Horde frost mage. Some of the playing fields are a little different (“backwards” at first) but the whining is the same on both sides πŸ˜‰

Today I hit Honor level 150. I get a new mount! Except I already got it in late Legion… I already knew that, but it just hit me in the face (figuratively) how daft this is. I cannot think of anything more consciously stupid. It’s like being revered with a very slow rep faction, and when a new expansion hit you are moved back to honored. I do the battlegrounds for Conquest, achievements ( a little) and because it is fun. But it wouldda been nicer if I had ca 180 honor level now instead of 150…

I promise I’ll write about something funnier next time πŸ˜‰

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9 thoughts on “Grumpitygrump

  1. Now if that mount had hit you in the face literally, that would be a fascinating story!

    The honor system these days is so weird to me – account-wide is good! – but everything else about it feels like such an odd step back in terms of reward structure and especially the cosmetics.

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    1. Hehe πŸ˜€

      What if we had to treat our mounts a bit better? E.g. if we never gave them food, they could throw us out of the saddle? Come to think of it, mounts are minions, not pets :/

      The honor system is a sort of extra bonus, so I think it is rather nice. I do not do anything pvp but random battlegrounds, so it is slow gathering for me, but I basically like it. But the progress feels slower than in Legion.

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  2. This one time I watched the Q&A and heard Josh and Ion talking about how great the systems were and how cool RNG was for gear drops……and I laughed and laughed.


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    1. Haha πŸ˜€
      I guess RNG is their lazy solution?
      The honor setback = they put effort in to do a conscious miscalculation.
      The azerite traits thing… is that also carefully executed sh*t on purpose?

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