WP Themes

Warning: Non-WoW non-polite rant. :p I have some really annoying things with themes on WP. Been trying out a few for this site. I have so far not found one theme that just inline show the image full size. Some themes do not even show full size when opening image in new tab. They add […]

The Fake Troll

This warlock appearance I’ve had a few weeks. I do not know what got into me making him look the “Fake Troll“, but here he is: I thought it was fitting to take a selfie in my Gladiator’s Sanctum. I first used Troll Hunter title, but lately I have been the Wakener. I woke up […]

October snapshots

Inspired by my dear friend Alunaria, I here post a random assortment of screenshots from adventures during October. Just when you wanted to forget about that month, eh? At your service. My screenshots are not great, and I can’t just stop talking. You’ve been warned. This guy takes two gold for cleaning your clothes. So […]