Coming expansions pt 3

I remember making predictions on this blog, and I looked back and that was two years ago! First and second. As those predictions were almost, sort of, approximately accurate, I’ll venture a new one in this corresponding release phase! Unlike some you-tube pundits (not to mention Al Gore), I do not make any money on predictions. It is just from the goodness of my heart and the synapses of my brain.

First, there is a lot about death and undeath in this expansion. The Banshee Queen is prominent. Sylvanas talks about gathering souls. She is an odd one. She is not falling apart like undead, nor just a ghost-like banshee. Not sure there is a clue there. Anyhow.

Vol’jin tries to find out why he is stuck between worlds.

Arthas sister is back as some undead light (forgive the pun).

Second, there is talk about Bolvar the Lich King. I heard death knights in Legion have some business with him. His daughter shows up in BfA. Vol’jin asks him for info. Many predicts he will have bigger role, and maybe we will see some sort of active Lich King again. Maybe as a fighter against death. I guess undead reject death? They want zombie ape-calypso instead.

Third, the old gods are on the move, at least figuratively. (Due to my unique associative powers, the old gods reminds me of the Zappa tune “The Illinois Enema Bandit”. Could be their theme song!)

Now to the recent reveals.

Apparently there have been reports of (encrypted?) game files showing panda death knight model. That is a clue that set my mind on the future.

Pandas were not death knights in WotLK. There continent was untouched by the Scourge, afaik? There was voodoo and living statues and what not. Maybe Vol’jin will be king over some trolls there? Or maybe not, he is a good guy.


If there will be death knight and /or undead pandas in next expansion… There must always be a Lich King and there always must be an undead panda. Old wisdom from the future.

Remember Yogg-Saron? Sort of the Dark Fiend of Northrend. He is responsible for the curse of the flesh. And we now have mechagnomes, who seem, even if they are nice and friendly, do have a rather complicated relation to their flesh. In Pandaria there are the Mogu.

Now… Taken all this together, I think we will see a powerful being, a being who creates undead pandas. He will be a creation of, or associate of Yogg-Saron, or even a being originally behind Yogg-Saron. He is not happy with Yogg-Saron, and not with the flesh of the living, but he is no friend of titans and he do not want to make everything dead, either. So he will be a scourger. He is:


An enourmous panda hiding somewhere, probably imprisoned (by Yogg-Saron?), but now breaking free. He thinks Bolvar is an imposter and Arthas was just a little upstart. Yogg-Bear was himself afflicted with the curse of the flesh and therefore is WAY more well-rounded than your average panda. He is HUGE. Some even call him Yuge-Bear. He can’t go fully back to his original old god essence so he has decided to be undead himself, as this mortal stuff is not fun at all. He also has taken a fancy to Sylvanas and want her under his control, as he is also wary of her power. This is what Sylvanas is fighting.

So what new faction might we see that we must join to fight this utterly evil and scary entity? The normal Pandarians of course fear this one when he reveals himself. One way to fight undeath is fire. So Nomi will be a faction leader! Burn, baby, burn! I am starting to believe he is a black dragon in disguise. And black dragons are making comeback in BfA. Everything fits! Nomi might spread a poster based on the classic WW1 one with Lord Kitchener. “The Living Wants You!” At least that is my advice to him.

Admittedly, Sylvanas also burn stuff, but she is just bitter. Not a dragon.

Pandarians are also unique that they are the first to join both factions, and the faction lines are starting to blur in BfA.

So it goes.

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