Mogs and mounts

I am a bit of mount collector, but not that much into transmogs. E.g. when I level with heirlooms I usually just keep the heirloom look. I’ve like those I’ve used so far on warrior, rogue and paladin. On my mage I had a few different mogs, during levelling and after, but I don’t change much. My druid, Wisteria, is using a Feralheart (tier 0.5) set, as seen on the header image and some posts. I got the first three pieces of Feralheart during late Vanilla, and I kept them for years. The chains to get the whole set were quite hard. I think many more people had full T1 than full T0.5, but that is just a guess. I got the rest (replica) from Darkmoon Faire. I am really nostalgic about the whole set, and it suits my feral blades very well. Wisteria will look the same the whole Legion, I think. She still have her Wildheart (tier 0) boots in bank, which my dearest and oldest (as in longest time) WoW friend helped me duo-stealth-run back in the day. Mother Smolderweb was even soloable by druids for the skillful and patient. I.e., not me.. πŸ˜‰ I also found a BOE Wildheart Bracer in a character bank a while ago. But I digress…

It is my warlock that has the pleasure (pain?) to be more transmogged than all my other chars put together. What causing me to make a mog is often a new mount, or a new title, or just getting an item that makes me think up some combination. My mogs tend to be on the silly side. Most mogs I see on locks are the dangerous or evil (well…) looking modes. There are also, not surprisingly, a few lady chars in s-c “sl*t” mogs (yeah, I hate that word, sorry). I’ve seen few locks that are really odd, or funny or outstanding. Twice in our class hall I met an orc that looks like a priest! You know, a transmog that makes you ride past, then think “What did I just see?!”, ride back and have a look. I do not pretend to accomplish that, but I am not much into the evul styles.

So, by way of this lengthy waffling, this page is for posting some mogs, and maybe some mounts in no particular order. I will not list the gear, but if anything awakens your interest, please ask. I usually do not work a lot on my mogs, I just try to make something of stuff I already have. I’ve never farmed a dungeon or mob for my appearance collection.

Update Nov 26: I decided to move the Fake Troll transmog to a separate post. If I add mogs to this page, and there are comments to specific mogs, it will eventually be rather confusing, I think. So to make a rather cheap escape:

Search for posts tagged with transmog or mount.

4 thoughts on “Mogs and mounts

  1. Your transmogs are so unique. Keep posting πŸ˜€ And oh, good idea to make a post about when this site got added, otherwise I might have missed it. Somehow, the screenshots are very small, and I cant seem to find a way to make them larger. Is that an error on my behalf?

    I hate that word too.

    Awww, what sweet memories from LBRS. Remember the panic once the little spiders spawned after Mother Smolderweb’s death, resulting in that “dearest and oldest” friend ninjaing the Wildheart boots, before you both died, hoping a GM would show mercy and send them to you afterwards? (which the GM did) πŸ˜€

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    1. So glad you like my mogs. πŸ™‚ When I’ve used WP before I’ve tried to find an addon that can make a feed whenever a page is updated, but never found one. I think one can modify WP’s code somewhere, but that’s beyond my skills. So I am still not sure I shall make a long page for mogs, like this, or just make separate posts. After all, it’s easy to search for tagged posts.

      I scaled down the images, but not as much as they seem to. I think it is the theme that make them so. It is weird one cannot show them in separate tab in theor original size. Maybe I’ll change the theme. I do like this old one, though.

      Oh, I did not remember that about our glorious run! Thank you so much for reminding me that! ❀ It would be so cool if Wisteria could take them out of bank and hold them up to show Alunaria. Maybe such features will be in MMOs of the future? πŸ˜€

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      1. Ooh ok, I see. High techy techy for me!

        Hah, that would be an awesome feature πŸ™‚ Maybe if we get our own house in WoW one day, one can have things on display!

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