In Europe, WoW weeks goes from Wednesday to Tuesday. So, Tuesday is the last day for any weekly activities before reset. I very often find myself on Tuesday realizing I have not done anything on weeklies. Like tonight: “Oh, it’s Timewalking week…” I usually do max one on each of my two top level chars, […]

Trying out themes

Every theme I try, puts post in a column, maybe 800 px wide. Creating big unused space on side. There is rarely no reason have fixed width on a web page. That’s what pdf is for. I don’t care how it looks on a phone! If I have pictures, they look shite. Even when viewing […]

Follow up to previous post

I had some trouble understanding the logic of the conversion from old to new system. I got a reply on a ticket: My comments on this: 1. It is still not clear why there is no logical continuation, nor a total reset of the system, as e.g. it was with going from vanilla to Burning […]