Soundtrack alternatives part IV

The time has come for the horde to get some soundtracks from me. This is purely race-based, music for races. To be clear, I did not invent the Warcraft universe, do not blame the keyboardist! First off is the Forsaken. Of course I came to think of God Save the Queen with Sex Pistols. I […]

On guard!

Azsuna is probably one of the most varied zones ever created in WoW. Blue dragons, naga, interesting wildlife, demons, Illidari, murlocs, you have it. Not last and not least: the ghostly elves of Nar’thalas. Their guards and warriors, The Nightwatchers, are basically night elves, in model and voice. Apart from the ghostliness. But they do […]

Amber eyes

I am probably a player that does not notice things very much. Take amber eyes among night elves. Illidan Stormrage was born with it (shown in cinematic in Val’Sharah quest chain). His brother Malfurion not. Ill and Mal, sounds like two bad boys, if you ask me! Malfurion could be Goodidan. Queen Aszhara also had […]