Soundtrack alternatives part IV

The time has come for the horde to get some soundtracks from me. This is purely race-based, music for races. To be clear, I did not invent the Warcraft universe, do not blame the keyboardist! First off is the Forsaken. Of course I came to think of God Save the Queen with Sex Pistols. I […]

Soundtrack alternatives part 2

Professions Professions is something I like with WoW, although Legion was a resounding MEH on that front. I do not think professions in wow have music? The gnomes have their zink zonk plonk music, and it certainly gives association to nutty engineering, but otherwise…? So, let’s start with engineering. I had some trouble finding something […]

Soundtrack alternatives part 1

When I am playing WoW, I almost always have the in-game music playing. Sometimes I am turning the music down to really enjoy the ambience. Occasionally if there is “farming” going on, I listen to podcasts. Not about WoW, about something completely different. However, I been thinking about how some music would “fit” parts of […]