Why Alliance Sucks in PVP

So…. I have done quite much pvp over the years. I did quite many pre-mades in vanilla, but after that only pugs. I did some arena during Burning Crusade, but never after that. I am not a very good player, but I know the basics of battlegrounds, which a lot of players seem to be […]

Eight point Oh! Day 2.

Lots of new stuff! I have not read much before, and I never check PTR, so it is a bit confusing at the moment. Yesterday our (quite casual) guild had a silly birthday run through some old raids. We started “naked” (only shirt and tabard allowed) and the char who accumulated most gear “won”. It […]

A propos Blizzcon

Why are such events called “con”? It’s all trick and bogus? “We give you shinies and you give us moneys”? 😉 The announcement of Classic servers was very surprising. I played a few times on private vanilla servers, and it has been fun to relive some of the old times. Also, finding out things that […]