Different games

Yesterday I logged into retail for the first time since Classic launched. It was a strange feeling. As in I felt a bit like a stranger. It really struck me how different the two games are. Which is a bit paradoxical as almost all of my chars been around since pre-cata (and done the old […]

Forward to the history

At a cinema… computer near you. Hello, fellow travellers! I have not posted for ages, I collected screenies, I have ideas (!), and I even have some post drafts (the oldest from October 2017…). To my defense, I … Dark Legacy has been around since vanilla. I do not think I was aware of it […]

R.I.P. TotalBiscuit

When I turned on computer this morning, I read the news that John Bain a.k.a. The Cynical Brit a.k.a. TotalBiscuit a.k.a. TotalHalibut had passed away on the 24th. I have not followed him for years, so was not aware of his long fight with cancer. I do not know much about gaming vlogging etc (I […]

October snapshots

Inspired by my dear friend Alunaria, I here post a random assortment of screenshots from adventures during October. Just when you wanted to forget about that month, eh? At your service. My screenshots are not great, and I can’t just stop talking. You’ve been warned. This guy takes two gold for cleaning your clothes. So […]

A propos Blizzcon

Why are such events called “con”? It’s all trick and bogus? “We give you shinies and you give us moneys”? 😉 The announcement of Classic servers was very surprising. I played a few times on private vanilla servers, and it has been fun to relive some of the old times. Also, finding out things that […]