Bits and Bobs 2: Honor levels

Under the rubric of Bits and Bobs, as that is what Kul Tiran traders often offers, I thought of writing about impressions from BfA. I have many screenshots, but I failed to put together any post yet. I guess we all have collections of screenies that pile up 😉

This post is more about a certain subject, but I hope to come back with some travel reportage later.

What was called “Prestige” levels in Legion are now “Honor” levels. They are gathered in the same way, but they are also now account-wide, which is very nice. The rewards are the same, although on higher levels I do not know what they are (even more mounts?). I restarted pvp-ing a bit on some of my alts, at least when levelling. The new thing is Conquest, which is character bound, and rewards gear. My lock got a 345 weapon for first conquest goal, and after that it seems to be 355 stuff. Maybe it will get higher later? I have not found any overview of rewards. Blizzard should make one. There are also gear to be randomly had from completing battlegrounds. This is very random. I got cloth gear from losing bgs, and honor marks and fish from winning!

When the old Prestige system was translated into the new Honor system, the accumulation was accounted for. It is the same system in a new form, one could say. It was a rather complicated formula, and I just accepted it as it was. When BfA hit my previous prestige level became Honor level 113. In BfA I have done some bgs, and a little while ago I hit 125. Which rewards a mount. Hurray! Not. I looked for mount in bag, in mailbox. Nothing. Well, it turns out I already have the mount! I realize I also have the reward mount for 150!! Which I got at very end of Legion. So the formula for calculating Honor level in BfA set me in practice back from 150 to 113. What utter shite! What is this?? I do bgs for the fun, the conquest (points) and sometimes for achievements and xp. The “Honor” levels system is just an extra little thing to (very slowly) get some fancy mounts. But now I can pvp quite a lot for months and I get back to the level I once was? Seriously?? Blizzard, please go and hit yourself on the head with the Unstoppable Force or something.

Maybe not a Total Shit Show, but certainly a Poopy Performance.

6 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs 2: Honor levels

  1. There were several problems with the prestige > honor level conversion, I actually had to open a ticket to get it sorted. Could that be the case there too?

    Havent done any rated pvp yet, would love to get some of the conquest stuff though :p

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