Getting to know me

This is my response to Z and Cinder’s challenge no 40: Getting to know you.


This is a bit of challenge for me as I am usually a rather private person, but here goes:

1. I am more of coffee drinker, but when drinking tea it is usually green, nothing added. Sometimes rooibos. In early summer, I might enjoy a cuppa black currant leaf tea, while the leaves are still small and light green. Fennel tea ain’t bad either.

2. I like desserts, but do not eat them often. Strawberry cake is my vote.

3. I love a nice autumn day, with colourful trees, crisp air and the feeling that soon nature goes to sleep. A clear still winter day, 5-10 minus degrees (Celcius) and snow on the ground is also wonderful. November is my least favourite month.

4. Silly banter with friends cheers me up. In a more profound sense, I would say when close family or friend who is struggling with health or otherwise gets some good news, have an improvement in their life, etc. That cheers me up 🙂

5. I am not a huge pet person. Prefer dog to cat. Recently I have been taking care of my daughter’s cat for a few days at a time. I got used to it, and even missed it a bit. :-O I’ve had dogs before, when having a house. Sometimes I think I would love to have a dog. But due to health I can not really take any long walks, so I would need to share the care with another person.

6. Dream holiday… when I was younger I did some backpacking around the globe, twice. I never went on a package holiday, but nowadays I would love to have something very relaxing place to stay for a period. I am very stationary these days, so travelling is really a thing of the past. Maybe with company. Wish they had invented teleporting!

7. I have two adult kids. It would have been nice with one or two more, but that’s not how life turned out. But I am very happy for the two I have.

8. Weather. I dislike too hot weather (getting old) and not too windy, please.

9. Last meal? I don’t know what to answer. Ice cream? Or maybe Ris a la Malta (a little blink to Alunaria). 😉

10. 24 hours… Maybe with my father’s family during the war. Sweden was neutral (well), but they certainly lived in fear. Not a happy time, but maybe I could cheer them up. It would also be interesting to see those people from my childhood during their youth. And some people I never met.

11. Ghost? Can’t I be a guardian angel, please? 😉 But if I could haunt… why not Genghis Khan? He liked horses, so nightmares would be a fitting gift. Muhahaha.

12. My ancestry (afaik) are small and medium farmers, workers and small business owners (I’ve heard one of my great-grand-father was the the first cab owner in his (small) town that left the horse business and got a car. Some of my ancestors were immigrants more than a 100 years ago. (A very small group in Sweden back then).

13. Ill-health and other serious problems in family and closest friends.

14. My children. And my parents. Without them I wouldn’t exist 🙂

15. My dream job is actually to be able to work. My health makes it practically impossible. But I am not giving up. If I got a job, I would love if it was partly outdoors. I am not the sporty type or builder or so, but it is nice to not be locked up indoors all day.

16. I am sure there is life on other planets somewhere.

17. I am not interested in sports very much. I used to follow sumo quite intensely, since I spent some time in Japan in mid 90s (Waka-Taka-Akebono era), when sumo had a popularity peak. Not much organised sport, but really enjoyed doing Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art many years ago.

18. Relaxing: WoW, reading, occasionally watching Netflix.

19. Historical figure… Mary, mother of Jesus. Some time in her later years. Would be very interesting to hear her story.

20. Math, maybe. I worked a bit as teacher after my high school. Math requires little preparation, so that would be my lazy option 😉 In adult life I turned to social science, but I think I would be in trouble in the very P.C. school system we have here.

21. A perfect day would be a day without fatigue, brainfog and pain. I would pack car and go visit people I haven’t visited in a long time. Oh I would love a week or two of that! Please? 🙂

22. A silly duffer with, if somewhat impulsive, heart.

23. My father has a silly sense of humour.

24. Anti-greed would be a nice super power. Not sure how it would work, though hehe.

25. Bumble bees are nice to see. Moose are impressive. Have not seen one since I moved to town. Although the other day they had to shoot one in another town who had gotten into a shopping mall (I think).

26. Being a father. It’s not easy and one makes so many mistakes. But that is life. Literally. 🙂

Some of the others posting for this challenge have been brave to post photo, but I don’t. But I am a typical Swede: five feet tall, blonde hair, red skin and pointy ears and Nietzsche size moustache. Alunaria can testify to my looks 😉

Above all, I am normal. Very normal. The most normal person in the world! Totally middle of the curve, the road and life. Actually past mid-life, but I can’t stop time.


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9 thoughts on “Getting to know me

  1. Oh, boy, you decided to participate! 😀 Much joy! So happy to get to know more about you 🙂 That settles it, we are having Risalamande when we meet one day.

    What do you watch on Netflix these days?

    What an interesting choice for number 19, it made me think.

    As for the picture, lies, all lies, I testify to nothing! Wisteria looks very unique, and can easily be spotted in a huge crowd, if I passed by! ♥

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    1. As for my looks, I think what I wrote sounded quite unique! You mean I look even more… different? 😉

      As for 19, I had a long thinking. Famous persons from the past came up, like Cicero or Julius Caesar. But I think a mother (albeit the most famous mother) would be very interesting.

      Netflix… currently watching Outlander season 3. I really like that series.
      By coincidence I discovered Daredevil et al on Netflix. Not much of superhero fan but I like Daredevil, Jessica Jones (esp first season is great), Luke Cage (2nd season was better). Iron Fist first season was meh, the 2nd was a lot better. The Punisher was good as part of others, but the stand alone one was just a lot of blood without much meaning, just anger. Characters show up in each others series, and I think there is an optimal sequence to watch the various series and seasons, as the overarching story is chronological. I really like this universe. More down to earth and less of heroes in tights. At times quite brutal, but the heroes are often facing moral conundrums.
      The Crown I like. The Expanse is imho a great sci fi series. The French series A Very Secret Service is quite unique and both hilarious and also political satire. 2nd season out but haven’t seen it yet.
      Now I cant remember more from the top of my head. 🙂

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      1. 😀

        Oh, I see. I understand 🙂

        I have not got much time to watch anything myself, but the Crown I have a while ago! 🙂 There are so many series to choose from these days.

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  2. A Swede is so cool 🙂 I’m writing lyrics for my band partly in Swedish, because nordic fairy tale 🙂 Can read a bit, but can not chat – no real life practice.

    I’ve been to Stockholm like 10 times, enjoying it a lot (people, the city itself, the lifestyle), and also took a train across Sweden all the way to Copenhagen.

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    1. Nice you like Sweden! I was born in Stockholm, but almost never visit it. You are probably a lot more familiar than me with how it is now. Sweden has changed a lot during my life time, some parts feels hardly Swedish any more, in many people’s opinion. If you really want the old Norse feeling, I think Iceland is the place. They are very conservative with their language, which is closer to the old language of the sagas. Plus, I have learnt from friends, they do keep more of the old beliefs, even if they been Christian for over a 1000 years. They are proud of their culture and tradition and not into the self-flagellation most of Europe seems to be into these days. 😉

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