Happy Pirates’ Day!

Oh well… maybe not happy for those rrrraided by pirrrrates, but in Worrrld of Warrrcraft it is fun. Everything in WoW should be fun. If it is a chore, you’re doing it wrong. Not that Blizzard tend at times to turn stuff into chores. But I digress.

Today is World of Yarrcraft!

In case you missed getting the toy Slightly-Chewed Insult Book, now’s the time to get it!

For more about this illustrious day, see wowhead.

For some historic stuff on rrreal pirrrates, head over to Public Domain Review.

My old UD priest who has been AH char for some years, often had piratey outfits. He is nowadays transmogged to The Floating Caster Pirate. I know pirates do not have staves, but then he has no sense of style. Furthermore, I am too lazy to get him more style-moggable heirlooms.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Pirates’ Day!

  1. Happy Pirate’s Day to you too! Lol, I read the Wowhead comment “The insults from this book are so powerful, so vile, that they can break the faction language barrier!” 🙂

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