Useful/funny scrolls

There are many interesting things, NPCs models, and also NPC behaviour (e.g. juggling a big knife or scrubbing a floor). But I just wanted to point out Scrollmaster Uro at 65.8 ; 32.7. A tiny bit south of the main Alliance ship in harbour (with questgivers etc). He sells Scroll of Inner Truth. Quite funny […]

BfA, first two hours.

Here in Europe, BfA started at midnight. I was back at eleven from dinner at my daughter’s and went to bed. I did not want to stay up. I slept not very good and woke at 4 and could not sleep again. Gave up at 5 and rose. And logged into WoW quite early. I […]

Why Alliance Sucks in PVP

So…. I have done quite much pvp over the years. I did quite many pre-mades in vanilla, but after that only pugs. I did some arena during Burning Crusade, but never after that. I am not a very good player, but I know the basics of battlegrounds, which a lot of players seem to be […]

Farewell to Legion

This is my first (finally!) post to a Z and Cinder’s blog challenge – Topic 36: Farewell to Legion. Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion? I do not think I accomplished anything very special in Legion, nothing specific that I feel proud/nostalgic/whatever about (like e.g. getting Commander mounts in vanilla), […]