Z and Cinder’s Challenge: Levelling in BfA


I missed last challenge, but now I put pen to paper. These challenges are great for just to get us to do some blogging, and also it connects the WoW blog community. Their latest challenge is how we are levelling in Battle for Azeroth.

Slow and steady, relatively speaking. I have levelled only one character so far, my human warlock. I explored a lot! Boralus is a magical place with all its details. I fished when coming across pools. I love levelling professions, and the fishing seemed almost essential for levelling cooking. I am not fond of the dividing up of profession level brackets into expansions. I did the looong journey from level 1 in noob territory, so everyone else should, too! Get off my lawn!

Come to think of it (segways are my speciality), maybe the non-levelling on the latest Darkmoon Faire profession quests was not a bug? If I go too Faire as say level 110 and have trained BfA profession but not done anything there, and still have say 80 in some primary Legion profession, which one will get +5 i levelling? I think it is a pretty confusing system, and not very convincing.
“Most honorable expert in the mighty city of Boralus, I ask to be your apprentice and learn recipes of level 800 and up. On the mainland there is no one with the exalted knowledge you have.”
“What is your previous knowledge of my profession?”
“Absolutely nothing, master.”
“Oh that does not matter. Here you go!”

(Maybe it doesn’t work this way, but I couldn’t resist)

I guess boosted characters are happy. One profession I have not done much with so far is archaeology, but that is because I forgot about it. It does not feel very essential, so I might put more energy into it when I have flying.

Speaking of flying, I like very much to not have flying. Whistle helps a lot, and travelling on ground forces players to experience the environments. I am not sure I want flying at all. I mean, it is convenient, but by the time we get it we will so much more health and power, ground travelling will be a lot less troublesome.

I levelled as affliction with regular blueberry …eh IBM … eh voidwalker and I felt totally OP. The voidie pulls aggro a lot and often I had more mobs than I had planned but I did not die. I could probably have gotten XP more efficiently, but I did progress through adventure, not doing mass farming. Still, I think I’ve never felt so powerful while levelling. Voidie’s health bar hardly ever moved. I think I died once during the whole levelling process. After hitting 120 … that is a different storyΒ icon_mrgreen.

I’ve levelled as a coward pve-er. Really coward, as I saw only one or two horde on Kul Tiras while levelling. I’ve seen very few players with pvp activated anywhere. When I levelled I saw an at-war orc 120 warrior slam into non-elite 3-4 mobs. He died! The same mobs I could have killed half asleep. Even when engaging with not full health. Maybe the orc was not full health, but it was a bit weird to see my first horde (at a time when I had seen very few 120) die from something that for me (at maybe 113?) was no problem at all.

I love the stories, so I first finished Tiragarde Sound (except that bl**dy riding thing), then Drustvar. Started on Stormsong, but also doing Zandalar stuff. But now I am 120. On alts I might check zones to see if some reputations fit their respective professions better.

On my lock, I have not transmogrified anything. It looks to me few go un-mogged. Right now I have mostly troll-looking gear, which I like. Hippie-lock! I like questing on Zandalar more than I expected. I also have put on my Troll Hunter title. Seems fitting. It is a pvp title, but not out to kill Darkspear. But those blood trolls…? Brrrr.

For alts, I’ll also pve. I will explore less, obviously, I might take it even slower with professions, and I’ll probably in the end whine about not having flying. Or I might level some of them when I have flying… πŸ˜‰

I am looking forward to level my horde mage, but I think I will do that later. There is still so much new stuff, I’ll save the exploring of the horde side for later.

Addendum: I also did quite a few pet battles, collecting some pets along the way. Not my biggest interest, but since I am in no rush, I might gather a few.

11 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Challenge: Levelling in BfA

  1. How great to see you participate in the blog challenge πŸ™‚ Gosh, I have not begin to check out the professions, the new system confuses me. How do I level my Legion Enchanting now?

    Oh, looking forward to get the Whistle. I agree. That is a great thing and makes me miss flying far less. I think the way this is being done with Pathfinder is a great idea. Explore on foot first, flying later.

    “I’ve seen very few players with pvp activated anywhere” – this confuses me. Do you not actively have to enable your PvP now? So if you do not, you are never next to people who are PvP anymore?

    Oh, that riding thing. Tomorrow maybe? πŸ™‚

    Right, pets- Must start collecting sometime!

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    1. Legion enchanting leveling… I guess with enchanting stuff/making toys/pets and also do the odd profession wq in Lost Isles. We could team up for doing some dungeon profession quests, although I guess they are easy on normal at 120.
      Either activate pvp somewhere.. Stormwind? It’s on until you deactivate it. Or just ride into a horde place, although that of course wears off in 5 minutes. πŸ˜€
      The wistlehistle you get after raeching friendly with the three Kul Tiran factions. Should be possible to get way before 120. I did not know that, so learnt I already had it days after hitting 120… Doh! xD The whistle is Legion one. It just gets “upgrade”.

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    2. I see I did not reply properly. I don’t know about the at-war thing, if players who want that are instanced together. If that is so, then it is virtual pvp servers. Nothing new really, then…

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  2. Slowing down this expansion has really helped my enjoyment of multiple aspects of the game. Archaeology being one of them. As I traverse the world from one quest/WQ to the other if I pass through an arcaeology zone I just stop and do it. This hs just added to the enjoyment of the overall game for me. πŸ™‚

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    1. I agree. It is a world to enjoy! πŸ˜€
      It is nice to be in the (virtual) world and not just go for goals. I mean.. total goal orientation would be… Tetris? πŸ˜‰
      Since I posted, I have done a little archaeology. It is nice, and slows us down. It is also more of participation in the world. Okey, it is loot and exploitation, too, but stuff is nice! Moooore stuff! Ironic how George Carlin’s routine sort of tells a story about my banks and bags…

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    1. On my lock I so far like to have a rather mixed collection of stuff. Not as it was in vanilla, but still a “levelling mismatched assortment”. It’s not pretty but it is interesting! πŸ˜€
      The cost is not trivial, and it feels like money does not come as easy as before from quests etc. But that might be my false impression.
      I will probably not go non-mog it on my other chars, though. I rarely change their looks, feels more like their appearance is part of their identity. My lock is more a wandering circus!


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