Bits and bobs 1

I took my warrior to BfA just to get necklace and a 280 item and a little xp. I took the boat back to Stormwind. It goes both ways, so if you need to get to Kul Tiras but forgot to put your hearthstone there, that is an option. I heard there is a mage portal from Stormwind to Kul Tiras, but have not checked that. Boat travelling is nice. Ok, it is usually portalling, but anyway… To arrive with boat to a place is nice and rather special. I do not mean huge ferries, I mean a smaller boat coming from the sea and you see land at a distance etc.

The boat between SW and KT goes from the the dock that the boat to Darnassus used to go. Which was a sad reminder. Now there is a portal to Darnassus there. I tried it. You arrive in Darkshore. It is rather ashen and empty. First I though the sea had withdrawn some hundred meters or so, but instead, the sea bottom is dead, and the water is super clear. The shoreline is about the same. Really odd is that flight master is there, and also some NPCs such as trainers. I saw a few low level characters there. So you are not wholly phased out in Lor’Danel.


Astranaar looks again just like it did, post-Cata, pre War of Thorns. Ashenvale is one of those zones that really had a bad deal in Cataclysm. I loved the old one.

I just feel the timelines are quite confused…

Addendum (see comment below)

The tavern The Curious Octopus in Mariners’s row in Boralus.


The musician


The tavernkeep shows an inn icon when hovering over her, but sadly cannot set hearthstone here. I would love to have that.


14 thoughts on “Bits and bobs 1

  1. I felt the same way when seeing that ship depart where out night elven one did… 😦 time to move on. Though another NPC near says they are going to Darnassus soon. Lol sigh.
    There are so many time lines in Wow now I wonder which is right or wrong. I imagine that Astranaar was lost, but keeping it so with a toggle on and off version would be cumbersome for Blizzard so they just rolled it back to Cataclysm version. Not ideal. But I doubt many care as much about it. I do!

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      1. Yeah that aspect is actually quite odd. Maybe we have something surprising in store? Like I hope Worgens have. Look at the new models of the new races. Hah yeah! ❤

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