Useful/funny scrolls

There are many interesting things, NPCs models, and also NPC behaviour (e.g. juggling a big knife or scrubbing a floor). But I just wanted to point out Scrollmaster Uro at 65.8 ; 32.7. A tiny bit south of the main Alliance ship in harbour (with questgivers etc). He sells Scroll of Inner Truth. Quite funny (if you like hovering around in lotus position) and lasts as long as you want! I guess people will come up with all sorts of silliness šŸ™‚ (The red lantern is offhand that obeys gravity)


Uro also sells Scroll of Torga’s Witness which makes your char move slower. Which I imagine can be useful in certain situations when one want to make nice screenshots? šŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Useful/funny scrolls

  1. I love this scroll I found it and then used it when I found my monk friend resting in the Boralus inn. He was amazed I gad learned a monk like technique. We had a fun bit of rp before logging. I’ll have to remember to show him where to find the scroll on his alts.

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