BfA, first two hours.

Here in Europe, BfA started at midnight. I was back at eleven from dinner at my daughter’s and went to bed. I did not want to stay up. I slept not very good and woke at 4 and could not sleep again. Gave up at 5 and rose. And logged into WoW quite early.

I like to level in new expansion without transmogging. Just to notice difference when getting new gear. Also a slightly nostalgic throwback to early years of wow, when you could have rather astounding collage of clothes 😀

I am affliction now, and I hate scythes, so I mogged my artifact into Replica Field Marshal’s Stave. It also seemed fitting, as it is For The Alliance time! Come to think of it, I should change my title, too. I also forgot to screenshot before doing the intro quest with Magni, so the robe is a new one. The barber also was visited. Going for a more neutral dark grey, which is similar to me IRL 😉


Hanging out in the portal room with mages with good taste in staves! When I came back later they were gone, so maybe they were only there for the opening?


I know, on purpose, very little of BfA. So far I am VERY impressed. Cinematics, environment, details, the variety of the Kul Tiran NPCS, including the multitude of voices. Such things Blizzard should have brought to Warcraft long ago, but bbetter late than never. The music so far is fantastic. It sounds in parts like some British folk music, but thankfully not hey-ho-y “pirate music”. I am so far mostly exploring, enjoying the details. It feels like being an active participant in a film. I will not rush. Will also try to remember to really read the quest stories.

I think I will enjoy this expansion a lot. Happy playing, everyone!

I decided to listen to Morning Has Broken, which I just realised is not written by Cat Stevens, but an old hymn. I got up early, and the music seems to fit Kul Tiras (the little I have seen).


8 thoughts on “BfA, first two hours.

    1. I already (at 111) got a main and off hand that is better than my artifact :/
      But locks historically had that combo much more often than staves. Not that I will complain if some nice staff drops 🙂

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        1. Orders received, milady! I will send message as soon as possible if I find any of these rarities.
          We do still have the long-lasting complication. I have still not been able to set up a safe way to transfer even the most essential materials across worlds. I asked Kadghar, but he is just in his usual bubble. He just mumbles about that is possible, but very expensive.

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  1. I am already enjoying this quite a bit. I dont want to jump the gun and say I love it and think it will be great, but so far its enjoyable. I’ve only done some questing in Tiragarde Sound. But its pretty good environment wise. The small ports and towns scattered about are very thematic.

    Most of all I have spent time just wandering Boralus. Its so good looking. And the music that plays is very much to my liking.

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