Why Alliance Sucks in PVP


So…. I have done quite much pvp over the years. I did quite many pre-mades in vanilla, but after that only pugs. I did some arena during Burning Crusade, but never after that. I am not a very good player, but I know the basics of battlegrounds, which a lot of players seem to be unaware of, or just ignore. I’ve heard it all: abuse, whining, pessimism, accusations, self-aggrandizement, plain idiocy, or just very odd statements. I’ve also heard (=read) nice, competent, relevant and also funny comments.

However… I had not heard it all. Tonight I saw an explanation I’ve never heard before as to why Alliance lose pvp so much (which by the way goes in waves, no need to give up beforehand):


I do not think he was joking. Anyway, it was very funny. Long time ago, I got the impression horde players were on average somewhat older and more mature, but honestly I have nothing to back that up with. I am not the oldest player I ever known, but I am the oldest I ever known that pvp regularly. Which is not saying much as I don’t know many people. πŸ˜›

I am quite slow, and it is not getting better. My health is not the best. But, in battleground, not only individual skill matters, but also strategy and tactics. Very basic rules like: fight at flags etc. I do not think the above explanation is the best. Furthermore, he did not define “very old”. He probably thought of persons considerably younger than me! πŸ˜€

Well, I had a good laugh, and I hope this post will give some enjoyment to some, at least.

One more thing, I have over the years seen people (probably in their 20s) complain that kids should not pvp as they don’t know how. Which is also stupid. I expect a 15 year old to play technically better than me. Even if they express themselves like Very Young people.


10 thoughts on “Why Alliance Sucks in PVP

    1. The really good pvp players knows about all classes. I was in same guild as a Grand Marshal once. His mind was like a computer. He could analyse and compare very fast stuff in WoW. He is I think the most generally knowledgable (not talking about lore here) player I ever knew. Pvp is also unpredictable. It is really two very different games. Raiding is more like a well oiled machine. I think. Pugging battleground requires a lot of patience πŸ˜‰

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  1. I always love the why xxx faction sucks debates and comments. I have pvp’ed on both sides a fair bit and if I was to take a guess I would say the win loss ratio is fairly close to 50/50. It is purely luck of the draw, for the most, for the team we are matched with. Sometimes that luck is good and sometimes its bad. Sadly part of that random draw system can means somtimes one gets a lot of bad luck and ends up having a larger than average lose rate.

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    1. Over time I think you are right. I remember some quite long period where alliance lost 9/10 Eye of Storm. Which became like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Alliance lost before the game even started. Belief in ability to win is a factor, too. Alliance used to win AV a lot, but atm it seems Horde is slightly better. I guess different battlegroups (do they still exist?) might vary too? My much lesser experience finds Horde to be a bit more patient and mature. But when things go wrong there will always be whiners. On both sides. πŸ˜€

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  2. Haha, Very Old, Capital V, Capital O! Now I feel old too….Maybe that IS the case. “Sorry I am old” qualifies as a response now? Gosh. Brilliant screenshot πŸ™‚

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