Farewell to Legion

This is my first (finally!) post to a Z and Cinder’s blog challenge – Topic 36: Farewell to Legion.

Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

I do not think I accomplished anything very special in Legion, nothing specific that I feel proud/nostalgic/whatever about (like e.g. getting Commander mounts in vanilla), but here are my major enjoyments in Legion:

I. I came back to WoW after a 14 month hiatus. My longest absence, even if I during the previous expansions been more off- than online in Azeroth. Since I’ve been casual and only getting short bursts of interests in WoW, I have only been in small guilds or even guild-less since some time during Wrath. I never was a huge fan of larger guilds either. Legion looked promising, and I really liked it as soon as I came back, so I joined a guild I had been member of back in BC (iirc). A very good decision, and a very nice guild that has been around since vanilla. We do raiding on normal (totally voluntary), taking it seriously, but the most important is to have a good time. I am really happy that I joined. Maybe not an accomplishment, more than getting off my arse and joining, but a very good thing I did in Legion. Being in a nice guild is an important part of the game.

II. The artifacts and class halls. This contributed to me becoming an altoholic light. I never had more than two chars at max level, and when I came back to game I had only one lvl 100 character. Now I have five level 110, including one Horde. I also made a new char that I actually levelled up a bit, which has not happened since … uhm… Wrath? A paladin that is now ca 55. Levelling is not hard, but still this is much more than I ever did before. The low level playing also has helped me working on Loremaster. Since I been in game for most of Legion, I had time to give alts some love. I am not the best learner, but push the cds and Bob’s your uncle! πŸ˜‰

As mentioned, the artifact/class hall thing made my motivation stronger. The druid one is my favorite. Plus for it being on the ground in this world. Same goes for hunter hall, which feels like a rather realistic place. Mage hall is very nice. I could live in a library like that! The warrior one is quite meh, but the exit method is the best! Most time I spent in is the warlock one. It is very warlocky! Legion in a nutshell :-p

III. I just enjoyed the zones in the Broken Isles. It is a small continent, but jam-packed with details. Blizzard made a huge step forward, I think. Val’Sharah is outstanding, but then I am a druid and night elf fan. Suramar I loved. I know, many people hated it, but the design and the story line is so good. I did a lot of canal-jumping, so i think my chars were cleaner than ever! I finished all quest chains on my warlock, but Suramar is the only zone I really enjoyed redoing the quests on alts. Although since Nightborne joined Horde, it actually feels a bit less urgent and enjoyable on my alliance chars. Funny how a stupid game can affect us πŸ˜‰

Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?

I do not have any specific goals, more than maybe getting Battlemaster title, but a few achivements I lack may well be hard to obtain. Not BfA-specific, and I also lost a bit pvp steam atm. More focus on the big new world.

a) Exploring new lands. I have not read really anything about the new places. After all, it is adventure! I never understood why to play on ptr (except for level racers and addon devs). That means when expansion comes out, stuff is only half new. I can take a walk in the town I live in to get that πŸ˜‰
Judging from the map, Kul Tiras looks about same size as the whole of Broken Isles! I do not have any specific goals, since I am not sure what I will meet in the new lands. Adventure is my “goal”.

b) The storyline. What will happen? Sylvanas is almost a clichΓ© villain with her arrogance and ruthlessness, which is not new. But, we may not have seen the whole picture yet. What about Alleria? Having a sort of void subfaction within the Alliance does not feel very assuring. Even Velen seems to go dualistic with his talk about maybe the Light is not the whole answer. There might be a great complex story waiting for us. I just hope they can implement it in the game better than in the patch. Since expansions are limited in scope, a good overarching story is essential.

c) New, exciting dailies!!!! …….. j/k

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8 thoughts on “Farewell to Legion

  1. WOOT new daili…. oh you were just kidding. ;D I too am looking forward to the adventure. It has been sometime since I slowed down.

    I agree Surmar was amazing and I never tired of it even through all my characters. As to their choice of faction, it wasn’t all that surprising, Tyrande was wise to be wary of them. xD

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    1. Nightborne and blood elves are more arcanist city slickers, while night elves live mostly under the moon casting its light on the forest. To bring balance, Alliance now have void elves. I wonder what Tyrande thinks of them…?
      We are not prepared! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Wonderful to see you participate in the Blog challenge :))

    I am tempted to roll another Druid just to see their class hall campaign again…I wish there was a way for us to experience it over.

    I also adored the zones. So many details. The waters too. And all the hidden things. I did dislike the “hard to maneuver around” part. Sometimes, it appeared as if a hill was put there just to annoy ME! :p

    Glad you are fond of your guild πŸ™‚ they are lucky to have you!

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      It was a bit hard to find the way at some points. Furthermore, the hill WAS put there to annoy you, the player! At least Blizz had some structured plan about THAT! πŸ˜‰
      I remember being very frustrated with finding my way in Stormwind in vanilla, and Blade’s Edge Mountains in BC (pre-flying).

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