Sealion > dynamite

So… I did the Darkshore dailies on my chars. They were moderately interesting. Except one which I found suited druid very well. Detonate! – the one in the water stopping goblins from taking azerite.

First of all, it is nice to be druid in underwater quests.
Secondly, there are friendly orcas in the water! I prefer being the ugly-but-strangely-charming-sea-lion, but friendly orcas are lovely!
Thirdly, it is so nice to slap the goblins to their demise! Mwahahaha!

Admittedly, the sea lion’s clawing is not strong, but with the help of e.g. pepper-breath food or shooting trinkets, the goblins go down fast. Wisteria happen to have Splinters of Agronox (I got from relinquished trinket), so it was fast and fun.

I got a great and not wholly ethical pleasure in giving the goblins a knuckle sandwich! While the druid is swimming with the orcas, the goblins are swimmin’ with the fishes! Mwahahaha!



For the druids! For the kaldorei! Boo for goblins!


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