“Battle of Azeroth”. Say what?

Now the war has started and all (?) are looking forward to the expansion with new and fresh dailies. And don’t forget the dailies! Did I mention “dailies”? Sorry, I meant “world quests”. Hmm… void quests, that would be something. Well, maybe not.

The multi-faceted conflicts constitute many stories. Neither is it not a clear good vs. evil fight, but instead a totally holistic shit show fight for the future! Here is how the expansion is seen, and maybe in some cases also sold to, different categories of beings. Below follows the result of my cool ( as can be seen in the photo) scientific investigation of the matters.


Baffled by Azeroth! (Magni version)

Atlas for Azeroth! (titan version)

Throttle of Azeroth! (Gallywix version)

Battle for ocelots! (the druid version)

Bottle of aperitif! (the Nightborne version)

Quafftide in Azeroth! (the dwarf version)

Attle for Bazeroth! (Spooner version)

Bottled up astigmatism! (in game engineers + players using “computer glasses” like yours truly)

Bottle for aspirin! (the addicted player)

Rattle of Azeroth! (players’ forsaken [not Forsaken!] family members)

Better than aspartam! (everyone)

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