Prepatch 8.0 – War of the Thorns, first week, day 1.

Today War of the Thorns started.

I noticed the map has changed. Was that today or last week?


I always thought the troll islands were in the South Seas, but they are north of Pandaria! But still tropics? Does that mean Pandaria is in temperate zone south of the equator? Confused! Trolls are headhunters and pandas are headscratchers. Flat Earth Society is incoming faction. You heard it here first! And probably last, too.

Alliance: A mission to help the elves in Darkshore. When you are done with quests, four dailies open up in Darkshore. They give some gear lvl 210. Surprisingly, I do not think any gave a new appearance to my clothie. However, a nice start of 8.0 to fight back the Horde.

Night elf archers had an armour I think I have seen on some really old Warcraft art, but never in game as far as I can remember.

Horde: As a contrast, I did the same on my only lvl 110 Horde, my mage. The quests almost wholly mirrored the Alliance ones. Horde are the aggressors here, due mostly to Sylvanas “determination”. She has always been one of my favourite characters. The few times I played Forsaken, I often took time to visit her and pay respects. Solo RP. πŸ˜‰

It was crowded at her in Undercity. She appeared as outline. Fancy, eh?


No more bowing to her for the time being. She is quite impressive in game, though. I wonder why her horse has what looks like fel feet? I see now the screenshot is not very good. There is a machine behind the mount. Horse has only one head. Sylvanas is not a patchwork hippologist, I would imagine.


However, Lady Sylvanas is clearly off her rocker. Sometimes one does quests that feel not very morally sound, but this Horde campaign actually made me feel I should not do it. Sylvanas comments and orders were quite rough, even for her, I think. One thing is war, but…

The following is a bit spoilerish. So if you intend to do the Horde chain, do NOT read further!






Some things just felt evil. Like burning wisps to weaken the shield Malfurion had put up. Burning Ancients! Killing elven druids! I first saw that on my Alliance character. A tauren druid (player) killing druids. That just seemed wrong. And then when I did it… not nice! One quest was to kill sentinels in Auberdine. As Auberdine since Cataclysm is a wreck and a ruin, killing off those few sentinel there just is very cruel. But we’ll see what happens! If Arthas got redemption, why not Sylvanas?

The dailies gave my mage some nice upgrades. Which soothed my hurt morality. I guess there are new dailies tomorrow? MOAR DAILIESSSS!

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12 thoughts on “Prepatch 8.0 – War of the Thorns, first week, day 1.

  1. Oh, I hope not more dailies. Nothing I got was an upgrade, and at 210 nothing will be. And that makes me a little sad. They could have gone a few points higher than Argus vendor gear.

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    1. Sylvanas was a general, then a victim, then a hero leading the Forsaken. Then she lost purpose after Lich King died. After that increasingly power hungry. She is a very complex character, but lately she feels more uni-dimensional, I think. But Blizzard may have some aces up their sleeves.


  2. I feel the exact same way. Too evil and meaningless. 😦 Ah outline mode was nice during such a busy visit to the Dark Lady. I wonder why they have not made it so one cannot mount near quest NPCs. They have done so arund the Timewalk vendors.

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