Disco and toys

I went to SW to get my 300th toy, the Wayfarer’s Bonfire. Not sure how I missed this one before, but now I got it 🙂 I also went to check AH, and there it was yearly All Day Disco Night! I tried quite a few toys while dancing away. E.g. if you are a clockwork gnome you dance like a male gnome. So, that dance was designed by the titans..? Goodness!

Some shape shifting toys made my char (a female nelf and later female gnome) dance like a human male. Quite odd. But that dance is the most (silly) disco, isn’t it?

I’ll try to post some images, too.

Meanwhile, I recommend try disco + toy. I did not see any other making a fool of themselves like I did. Pity! Sure there was a Gamon and one or two orbs of deception, but c’mon! After all, we are Homo Ludens. Even as elfs.

Bring on the Disco Menagerie!

The paparazzi got some shots:

Coin of Many Faces. I look like Arthas’ silly cousin. + Brewfest flag. Green balloon makes it even better. Bubble is from necklace.

Bringing some balance to the dance force as gloomy-doomy sandwich man. Ladies seems to have left. Wonder why?

Anti-gravity did not impress the ladies either!

Unbalance to the force emptied the dance floor.

I changed appearance and put up a soothing and authoritative sign. People came back to dance floor. I think I am that pink thing, but tbh I don’t remember.

I have no shifted into a tiny Horse’s Arse. Well, the toy’s name is not that, but I think it should be. Proudly carrying Alliance flag. A Horse’s Arse dance male human style. Total win.

Do not remember the name of the toy, but the dance is similar as original creature’s.

Came back later in evening, and the mood was more festive and somewhat crazy. In a nice way. Just like I am. If I may say so.

I came back in evening on my gnome warrior. I noticed one char standing against the wall the whole time doing some crafting. That was odd. Realised 1) she was playing Jewelcraft and 2) I have the game and never played it (doh). So I got stuck, too, and it was fun, and the disco music fitted. I got an achievement, and since I spent so much time there I got a seven day buff.

A night to remember!


4 thoughts on “Disco and toys

  1. Wait, what?! You can get that in SW now? You couldn’t before. I tried to recruit the guy who gives it to you in your Garrison, over and over, no luck. Thanks for the headsup 🙂 Disco, disco, it’s the holiday event now, or?

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    1. Yes he is standing at the Wrynn grave monument. You just emote /tired and Bob’s your uncle. I.e. you get the toy.
      Disco was just yesterday I think. My warrior hung out so long there she got a 7 day buff now 😀
      I would like that event to be once a month. It is so silly fun 😀
      Gonna put some images into the post, too.

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