Eight point Oh! Day 2.

Lots of new stuff! I have not read much before, and I never check PTR, so it is a bit confusing at the moment.

Yesterday our (quite casual) guild had a silly birthday run through some old raids. We started “naked” (only shirt and tabard allowed) and the char who accumulated most gear “won”. It was not exactly an intense competition, as we shared whatever dropped. It was just a perfect relaxing fun thing to do after the mostly-rush before the patch.

Anyway, I have a suggestion for this week. It is pvp week. Quest: A Call to Battle = Win four battlegrounds. If you are not that fond of pvp, this might still be doable! There is now separate queue for random battlegrounds of the big sort (AV etc). In the LFG tool it is called “Random Epic Battleground”.

So far I did seven on my horde mage. Four wins, three losses. Six AV and one Isle of Conquest. Five games were very fast. One AV win was a slow one, big battle at alliance end. Fun. One reason battles are so fast is that atm we are quite OP, and they are also mostly end-of-map pve race (especially AV). I guess when expansion hits, NPCs in AV will get a boost. Right now, towers etc does not matter, unless you get the rare occasion of a real front battle.

Even if you do not feel skilled, or just have some alts you are not very confident with in pvp, it does not matter much in these “Epic” bgs. Just do what you can. You cannot really fail your team. Probably no one notices if you are not the best pvp player. Extra plus there is a lot less of that verbal abuse too common in small team bgs. Simply because no one has the time in the zergs.

Today, the queue time before and around lunch has been 10-15 minutes which is very short for those large-scale battlegrounds. Maybe people even started farming AV (mainly)? So a nice short break between them. On my first three wins I got three achievements. I didn’t have any on my mage, and I already had them on my lock since way back, but if you otherwise rarely or never pvp, with some luck you can get a few to add to your total. Without even trying.

Another bonus of patch 8.0 is that your honor across chars are counted together. That is one reason I started doing this on a few alts today. Not just the usual “grind” on my lock. But it is fun to pew pew in AV even on alts.

The pvp talent system have been remade, so you choose 4 from the whole pool of them, not in tiers like the pve ones. Just try out different ones. It is not like your guild or raid depends on what you spec.

Hope this gives some inspiration to try some pvp, or dust of some alts. You can get a few pets and mounts from the honor system. The weekly gives 10 Mark of Honor if you want some old pvp sets for transmogging. Or the old pvp mounts. I wish they would put in some more racial pvp mounts, sold for Marks. Or a special one for say 500 or 1000 marks.

This post was written between battlegrounds on my mage, some gardening, and having a lunch break. 😉


13 thoughts on “Eight point Oh! Day 2.

  1. Ooh, nice suggestion 🙂 I was not aware of those changes to the Battlegrounds. I shoulds try to win four this week.

    What a fun guild event 🙂

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    1. I think they adjusted it now. I did some AV today and it was the usual tower grabbing etc. Still, the big BGs are easier to do.

      The guild run was fun. It is a game, and not work after all (as some guilds seem to think) 🙂

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      1. Awww, shoot. I heard AV were a lot more fun, but not had time to try it myself.

        Yeah, best to keep that in mind 🙂


        1. Yes now we have to take down towers. Maybe not all but most. The graveyard guardians are a lot tougher and hardhitting and dismounting. Galvangar actually takes some time to kill even with a dozen people. It is slower and much more strategic now.

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          1. Ooh, ok, I see. If only I had the time. What’s your honor level now? 🙂 I hear that a battle pet will be a reward at honor level 400? And an estimate is that it will take me 4,3 years if I do the WQs whenever they reset, every single day, hah 😀

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            1. Aaw 4.3 years! 400 sounds far far away!
              My honor level is 116 now. I guess to reach 400 will take me years, too. I do not think there is a limit so probably already folks with 400? Especially if the pvp’d on several chars with rated bg, arena etc.
              At 125 there is mount reward (recolor of the usual Legion prestige mounts). There will probably be pets and other rewards too. I think every five level will reward something. Yesterday I realised my other chars have the four prestige appearance on artifact. So Wisteria is now a quite evil looking fanfare of colors! 😉

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  2. I think it would be cool if there was a way for non-ranked players to access the vicious PvP mounts with say a rediculous cost of 1000+ marks of honor to aquire a token to buy them.Not everyone can get into, much less retain a position in, rated teams but many do still enjoy the chaos of random BG’s.

    I suppose the whole honour system was devised to offer more incentive to those players but still I think a high honour mark price on the vicious mounts as an alternate way to aquire them would add more weight to that ‘carrot on the stick’. 🙂

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    1. That is a brilliant idea! I have 8-900 marks now and hope there will be new stuff to buy (I have all mounts and enough transmog sets). A thousand marks is not trivial to accumulate.

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