Soundtrack alternatives part IV

The time has come for the horde to get some soundtracks from me. This is purely race-based, music for races. To be clear, I did not invent the Warcraft universe, do not blame the keyboardist!

First off is the Forsaken.
Of course I came to think of God Save the Queen with Sex Pistols. I mean, it is angry, someone is rotten, and there is a queen involved. I thought this was obvious combo, but to my surprise couldn’t find any with a hasty search on the youtube. Admittedly, the song does not hail the queen. Maybe this is the song for the Scourge, instead? Furthermore, punk is from my teens, and I was pretty tired of it already back then :p

One of my favorites back then was The Specials. I think the citizens of Undercity would like this. Well maybe not Lady Sylvanas… Forsaken usually do not have much hair, so Skinhead Symphony is maybe fitting? Originally, skinheads were not necessarily connected to racist extremists, and many listened to ska. I never saw Specials in their prime, but I did see their guitarist Roddy Radiation with his rockabilly band in a pub in London in 1984. It was quite logical, The Specials was a unique mix of styles, within the (explicitly anti-racist) ska wave back then.

Reggae or calypso? Since we are going to visit Zuldazar, the mighty (?) troll capital, I suspect that the trolls there see many of their cousins as country bumpkins. Not to speak of orcs and taurens. And I just made this excuse to put this classic in here πŸ˜›

Enough of backbeat. I think taurens would like this? Music from the big plains and the high mountains.

Here’s one for those goblin’s in Desolace (are they still running their caravan after the Cataclysm?)

And a song for those that did business with the goblins πŸ˜‰

Blood elfs…
I just came to think of this tune. I’ve known it for years, but did not know there was a video until now. And I have no idea what the song is about!

I first thought of some rock or orchestral music, for the power and drama. But I’ll think I’ll end with the opposite. Warcraft is a story about displacement and loss of home. I think every race experienced it to some extent? Draenei escaped their world(s), gnomes (and worgen) were forced out of their respective home town, orcs were partly corrupted and thrown to another world and so on. So I thought Satie would be nice for orcs. Not known for their subtlety, but maybe they would enjoy a moment of contemplation? πŸ™‚

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