Soundtrack alternatives part 3


Here we are at part three of my musical confoundering (!) of WoW soundtracks. A wonderful auditory jambalaya that surely (sour-ly?) will enhance your experience and heighten your enjoyment of the game we all love. The time has come for Alliance race music. Which in other contexts would sound really strange to say, but the Warcraft world is based on genetic identity politics. Here goes…

Ok, maybe a bit obvious, but…

I first thought of the gnu song, but that would have been mean. So I went for the more conventional, but still fitting I think, for the wanderers of the Universe:

Night elves
Hildegard von Bingen’s music is fantastic and heavenly, and maybe fitting for elves.
It always astonishes me people can sing like this.

Humans 1
The “elven” music above was performed by the group (or maybe it is more appropriate to call them a collective) Sequentia, which also play on this track. Some have argued that Boethius was one of Tolkien’s influences on how he thought about good and evil. Since fantasy gets so much from Tolkien, this is just an interesting connection. I have no idea about the lyrics, though, I just thought it is wonderful midaeval music that fits the more solemn feel of human life in WoW.

Humans 2
There is also the feel of Norse culture in WoW (and fantasy as a whole, so here is another old human song:

(If you like old Scandinavian folk music, I recommend Swedish duo Dråm. But there is a lot of artists to find on e.g. youtube)

I could continue on Swedish track here with some (Swedish) drinking songs, but I am not really very much a fan of that at all.
So here is an English song, which is wrong season, but we are not picky. I think dwarves would not feel too estranged by this song. They claim to drink beer, but I think they would not go other drink go to waste?

Gnomes 1
I do not know if gnomes drink. Many of them live in Ironforge, so maybe they drink beer, just to blend in. I think this catchy music (and beer) is perfect for them.

Gnomes 2
I cannot avoid Professor Balthazar – technical genius and so very gnome-like:

I had no idea what fits pandas… we had enough beer songs. I don’t know any Chinese music. So I give up on this one.
15 minutes later while doing something else, I felt like putting on some reggae, and came to think of this, and I realise it could fit. Pandaren resisted the mogu, etc

The new allied races I pass on for the time being.

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2 thoughts on “Soundtrack alternatives part 3

  1. Haha, good ones. That music that plays in some Inns in Pandaria always makes me think of the Pandaren. It’s so cheerful 🙂 I sometimes listen to out of game music actually, but it’s mostly peaceful and without lyrics, or very subtle, like Enya. 🙂

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