Soundtrack alternatives part 1

When I am playing WoW, I almost always have the in-game music playing. Sometimes I am turning the music down to really enjoy the ambience. Occasionally if there is “farming” going on, I listen to podcasts. Not about WoW, about something completely different.

However, I been thinking about how some music would “fit” parts of WoW, maybe in style, or just for some contrast. The following suggestions are a rather random assortment (just like my brain) of music associations. Some less serious than others. Which is the usual fare you get from me šŸ˜‰

Disclaimer: I don’t think any of the artists identify with the characters of World of Warcraft. No insolence intended. Peace and love, mon.

If I had skill, patience, time and energy I perhaps would make some own small videos. I haven’t tried actually playing with this music in background on repeat.

Enjoy šŸ˜‰

Let’s first start with an OVERTURE. I think the Molten Core (Ragnaros) soundtrack would be very fitting here. It is also maybe my favourite WoW tune. But since this is alternatives, I’ll “settle for” a real overture:

WoW is a long story of fighting evil (or killing almost innocent animals) but also the other faction. BfA promises to be a huge fight between the Horde and the Alliance. Ill-intent on many hands. Here’s a little evil song (text by William Blake). Let the conflict begin! Imagine your lady villain of choice to sing this šŸ˜‰

Speaking of lady villains… this is my choice for The Dark Lady Sylvanas. Maybe a bit simple, and Sylvanas does not have a child. Although she wants to reproduce by creating Forsaken. It is a classic aria (The Queen of the Night) and the performance is outstanding:

The BfA promotion film showing Sylvanas vs Anduin is very good. One of the best expansion films Blizzard ever made, imho. One thing that always struck is that Sylvanas smiles at the end after Anduin has healed and replenished his soldiers (which btw looks very similar to a mass resurrection). One could see the smile as a smirk, or just the joy of fighting. It’s Sylvanas, after all. But there is something there that looks just normally happy. So, a love story between Sylvanas and Anduin would be something! The Dark Lady longs for redemption and a real life, if she just can part with her bitterness. Anduin sees good in everyone. There, that would be a nice ending to BfA, wouldn’t it? šŸ˜‰

This duet is still as good as way back when it was new. Which I actually remember šŸ˜› Wouldn’t it be cute to see a video of Sylvanas and Anduin singing this? šŸ˜‰

OK, I may be a bit optimistic. The Dark Lady has always been one of my favourite characters, but she does seem to be more and more angry with every year. But maybe it is a build up for a great turn around. At least she would not submit to anyone, scourge, legion, old gods. But love finds a way… Group hug everyone!

But then, there is the Royal Apothecary Society and all those crazy Forsaken alchemists. I bet they never got a song, so here is one that fits them!

Now, many Forsaken are certainly not as evil as those alchemists. But they do tend to eat their fallen enemies. A humiliation any pvp-ing Alliance knows well šŸ˜‰
Maybe the undead can come closer to the living by becoming vegan? If zombies can, they can. Well, trying, pretty please? No one is perfect.

Josh Woodward’s music is available under Creative Commons licenses, so good for any video artist or remixing.

…will be continued…

4 thoughts on “Soundtrack alternatives part 1

  1. Hehe I like the idea of matching music into the game like that šŸ™‚ Though I never do it myself anymore, I’m all about the ambience sound in game. And music from time to time when I can have sound on šŸ™‚

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