Images of 2017

The following is a random selection of screenshots from 2017. Why post stuff at once when you can postpone it to next YEAR? Pro-crastination, if you ask me! As a Swedish proverb says, the wait for something good can never be too long.

Speaking of waiting, this poor draenei with urgent personal business have been impatiently waiting at Darkmoon Faire for ever. I s’pose he still is?


Somehow, I come to think of Dreadscar Rift, home of green goo politics! I guess it is ecological? By the way, have you thought about that carbon tax will not affect demons? They are not made of carbon, they are made of living goo.


With a drink (forgot name…) it lightens up!


As mentioned before, my warlock is a master of gardening. Or still maybe only a paddy-wan…?


The following can be interpreted as a bad joke, and it may well be. However, I will not make any. Even I have my limits.


My warlock also went to Argus. The situation there struck me as a soap opera. Drama, jealousy, family problems. Notice they also stand looking out at different directions. I guess they talk into their own cameras, just like they do on television soap operas. I will not say “space opera”. On a more serious side note, Vereesa have twin sons, but afaik they have never been in game? Have they ever even been mentioned in game?


Argus, the great big ball of green goo showed up in the sky. One day it looked to me like a smaller version had landed and rolled on adventure on Azeroth:


Not only demons are fear-inducing. My rogue met this strange creature in Searing Gorge. It was a scary moment! Argus looming in the background cannot hold a candle to this perplexing poultry.


When Legion started, I came back to WoW after more than a year away from the game. My druid, Wisteria (the real boss of this blog) checked on her Draenor garrison.
She had started herb work orders:


After such a long time without a visit from the garrison leader, it seems its members and workers had kept up their Lutheran work ethic and just worked and worked and worked. Woa!


The year ended as always with Winter Veil. It is a jam-packed holiday. Among other things it can make cheetahs fly!


Finally, Winter Veil brings so much joy and stuff. But it is ageist! Look at my poor little innocent (compared to some others!) level 19. ::cry::


That’s all for this time.

Happy 2018! 😉


4 thoughts on “Images of 2017

  1. Happy 2018 to you too 🙂 It seems you had a fun year in game! Did that Ash chicken do anything? :O Haha I know, those Garrison orders pile up eventually 😛

    Awww, I had no idea it stated that you have to be 20 years to open the gift.

    I miss Winter Veil, that music was fantastic. Looking forward to it again 🙂

    She had twin sons? I did not know?! So much lore to catch up on. I imagine lots will be revealed in a matter of, say 100ish days or so 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 2017 was a fun year in WoW! Best in a very long time.
      The Ash Chicken was just…. enigmatic… I rode off before anything happened. Better safe than sorry! :mrgreen:
      Vereesa’s (and Rhonin’s) sons I’ve only heard about from wowpedia, I think. Maybe they feature in a book, or in one of those expansions I did not play much. I assume they are hidden in a safe secret place.

      Liked by 1 person

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