R.I.P. TotalBiscuit

When I turned on computer this morning, I read the news that John Bain a.k.a. The Cynical Brit a.k.a. TotalBiscuit a.k.a. TotalHalibut had passed away on the 24th. I have not followed him for years, so was not aware of his long fight with cancer.

I do not know much about gaming vlogging etc (I am not very interested in gaming in general), but he must have been one of the most influential game reviewers and video artists? He was independent from the industry itself, did not suffer from political correctness (as I remember), and rather uncompromising. He also showed his love for gaming. He was not a dork either, as some vloggers/youtubers seem to be (in my very random impression).

IIRC, he did WoW videos for Cataclysm, inclusing beta, but later left WoW. He usually played troll, and even started a troll only guild back then.

My earliest memories of him was audio stuff. Not sure if it was in podcast form, but he did some great commentaries as well as parodies of the Warcraft universe. I especially remember a very funny exchange between Arthas and some demons (incl Kil’Jaeden iirc). I think it was last year I recalled it and tried to find it online, but alas, did not.

I have some vanilla and BC memories of WoW videos, but those were more gaming videos (anyone remember Niar and Vurtne?) or machinima. The quality was often rough. But it spawned a whole sector of “subculture”. TotalBiscuit was one of those that created that subculture (or maybe meta-culture?) in the early years.

I do not read gaming news every day, so I missed the sad news until now. But Bain was big enough to actually show up on a Swedish newspaper’s site!

I did not follow him at all in recent years, but he will be missed. He was very much a part of early WoW. It is also very sad to see such a young person pass away. He was just a few years older than my own children. Thoughts go out to his family.

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