Ravenbear Disguise

The only toy I regularly use is the Ravenbear Disguise. It is acquired from a Horde-only quest. But account-bound and usable by Alliance chars, too. I did not even know about it. I just stumbled upon the quest and got a very nice reward as a surprise. Fool’s luck, I guess 😉

It adds druid-style headgear and shoulders. It also gives the wearer a somewhat fierce expression. It also changes your gait. I am not aware of any other toy that does that. Well, there is the one that turns the char into a horse’s arse but that’s different. The Ravenbear Disgusie makes your char “sneak” around, rogue-style, but without stealth. The toy is both cool and silly. Dis guise is better dan dat guise!

It’s fun to use even on a rogue:


My paladin used it to hang out with the Moonkins during the Festival last year:


It fits gnomes especially well. Look at that fierce, scary expression! Well, maybe not that scary… 😉 As an aside, gnome rogue stealth is the best walk style in WoW.


The Ravenbear Disguise is persistent in death. A ghost never looked better! I wonder if it is visible in wisp form? Still unsubscribed so can’t check. It does not affect Wisp Amulet. Pity. Would have looked funny.


Ravenbear, that is an odd name. An odd combination. But then… don’t mention the War moonkins! Wonder if in future we will have manbearpig toy? Look like a WASP with climate issues? Hoot hoot hoot.

8 thoughts on “Ravenbear Disguise

  1. I remember you telling me about this toy! So neat it works in death too. I wonder what a stealthy wisp looks like. That facial expression on the gnome. Hah 🙂

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