Expanding world

As my readers know by now, my capacity for prediction is simply astonishing. Some might even admit it is mind-boggling. Today I take a little break from predicting expansion content. I do not want to spoil the excitement, to make people know about the unknown. To experience the future in the NOW. Follow the timeline backwards. Wait… what?


We’ve had bosses in WoW that throw players (well the chars, not the players, obviously, except figuratively, representatively, avatarily, emotionally) into cauldrons or otherwise incapacitate, and even hurt (how mean!) them. Characters are stunned, shackled, imprisoned, teleported, boiled and what not. I have not really checked in details what BfA brings, but I know there will be trolls! Trolls like cooking. Evil trolls like evil cooking! So I guess some of us (i.e. our poor hapless chars) will wind up in a pot or two. Gnomes should especially beware.

However, graphic, animated representation of evil forces putting poor innocent souls into cauldrons is not new. Not at all. Just watch this little gem, from 1903. When I was a wee lad and enjoyed playing Pong. No wait…

More info about the movie at The Public Domain Review. Awesome site, btw.

If you do not care about gnomes, then at least watch the movie and think of all the maidens that will need rescuing in BfA! Polish your armor, sharpen your blades and pick your teeth. The evil trolls are going down! But be kind to the good trolls! Like Vol’jin we can see the future.

4 thoughts on “Expanding world

  1. Lol, what on earth did I just watch! You are so crazy. And the titel of this post makes for some weird suggestions in the “More on WordPress Reader” hah. 🙂

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