Coloring my mage.

Still not back in game, but why not dust off some screenshots, and even finish some blog posts I started on?

My mage is the only horde char I actively play. When I play, that is. As in doing some world quests, and a rare LFR or battleground. She is not even guilded. But it is interesting to see a little of the Horde side. Many years ago she was a gnome. Yes, magic, I know. She has always been frost specced. When I created her, there ware not even frost DKs, I think. I find frost a quite unique spec. Ice and snow. I have talented away the pet. As I have on my MM hunter. Frost mage is a fun contrast to my main warlock.

Months ago I got the hidden appearance for Ebonchill:


Tried to find a fitting mog, less icy blue, and more matching the yellow-blue:


Got another, more frosty tint after killing a thousand enemy players. Sorry Alliance :P. Went for a more blue, but not shiny, mog.


After posting the images, I realise my mage casually puts her back to dangerous stuff. Bah, those good-for-nothings can just try to ambush me! 😉

Once again, I transmog with stuff I happen to have. By what we in Sweden often call the Cajsa Warg principle: “Use whatever you have at hand.”

Segway curio: “warg” is “varg”, “wolf”, although pronounced not exactly like Saruman does in the LOTR movies 😉

Curio 2. “Ulf” is a male name (as is “Wolf” in German). So a contemporary Scandinavian can have the name Ulf Varg = Wolf Wolf. Waaay better than Woof Woof.

So it goes.


5 thoughts on “Coloring my mage.

  1. “Use whatever you have at hand”- that’s a great thing to keep in mind. Good to see you back! At least to blogging 🙂 With classic you comments, woof, woof, haha 😀 Wonderful clothing. And that purple tree in the background. Northrend? 🙂

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    1. Thank you. It is in Crystalsong Forest, almost below Dalaran. I may have spent more time on getting background right than figuring out the mog…

      I am on a roll! This is the second month in a row I publish anything! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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