Scaling – a reptile conspiracy!

I like the new scaling of zones. I am trying to do the Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms loremaster achievements slowly on alts. Been focusing on Kalimdor. When my rogue hit 60, she had about 9/60 quests in Dustwallow Marsh from earlier. I had though of returning with fast flying later. But when patch hit she was 67, so I went back to Dustwallow just to see. She was overpowered, but mobs were green and gave a little xp and so did the quests. So I finished off the zone quickly. Herbs were still low level. Before when I played in that zone on lower level I saw just a very few other players. There were more now, but not crowded. That was a bonus.

I found this NPC in Theramore. She sits down and even if you interact with her from the other side, she remains seated and does not turn to your char. Isn’t that unusual? Her husband Ingo is jewelcraft trainer. Her mentioning of him is quite cute ๐Ÿ™‚


My paladin, currently at 52, the other day finished Felwood. It is an old favourite zone from back to vanilla days, when it was quite hard, even a level 60 could struggle with some parts. It is really much more comfy now. The scaling still made the difficulty level the same all through out. It wasn’t like face-roll for the second half. While heirlooms still makes levelling very much easier than in the old days, with this patch I didn’t one- or two-shot anything. Big improvement. Felwood was really busy, I saw many other players, the majority horde. I always liked that. Always played on PVE realms I might add ๐Ÿ˜‰

One quest even had a shortage of re-spawning mobs, and I and a a few other rode back and forth just to find victims of our zone grind, I mean … epic questing. That was a throwback to the good auld days.

The new allied races would also be a big contributor to the total number of levellers, I assume. Felwood was more busy than I ever saw it. Even in vanilla it was not the busiest zone. All in all a nice experience.

So far it seems gathering materials (mining nodes, herbs etc) do not scale. A bug or a feature?

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