The yellow warlock

Two days ago I finally finished the quest line for Improving on History. I started on it a long time ago, but did not get very far. One thing I do not like are pugging five man dungeons. It is usually a mad rush. These days most are so well geared, so people do mythic non plus almost asleep. It is a huge difference to how it was early in legion. Obviously. So I bravely braved my allergy or phobia and finished the quest line. It was quite fun. Even heroic Nighthold is pretty easy-breezy. Here I get the new artifact appearance (at the spot of last quest turn-in, not in class hall):


By now many must have achieved the achievement (!) but I have not seen many with that appearance, and certainly not the yellow one. It is especially horrendous with my Santa outfit! It is fel without green! Discreet warlock! Yellow color on gear is quite unusual, so I took on me to create a new transmog to celebrate my fantastic achievement. I do have blue/yellow mogs, but for once I thought of creating something that looks nice and not just silly. I think it turned out quite well, if not very locky:


Summoning a class mount gives some extra woosh!


Maybe I’ll change beard/hair color. I think the barber options are a bit meagre. Why can’t humans have blue, green or pink hair? Ok, maybe not pink, that is reserved for gnomes imho. Why cannot females of all races have shaven head? Why cannot dwarf ladies have beard? Oh wait, that’s another dicussion…


4 thoughts on “The yellow warlock

  1. Wow, that is very unique looking. Congrats on that long quest chain 🙂 Nice transmog you found; I used that robe for so long back then! (Yes it’s cloth, but it looked nice on a Night Elf…Ah my good Zul Aman runs, the memories…)

    Oh, please don’t ask those questions, such a slippery slope! I’m surprised it has not made its way into the game yet; all that political correctness (right expression…)

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    1. Thank you. I think the headpiece really improved the whole.
      As for me, it would be fun with green beard to some mogs 😉
      I wouldn’t colour my hair IRL, that’s for sure 😀
      Speaking of the robe, I had no idea where it came from. I just grab what I happen to have in my collection. 🙂

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