Green fangs, white cat

I’ve had the hidden look, Moonspirit, for Fangs of Ashamane for a while. When I first saw that appearance , I thought it was a bit weird. But I have grown to really like it. The other day I had done 200 world quests with that so I could get a new color variety, white with some black details.
Sitting in the Dreamgrove, with some (NPC) druids. By the way, the Dreamgrove is my favorite class hall, out of the five I’ve seen so far.


2 thoughts on “Green fangs, white cat

  1. It took it quite a while for it to grow on me too, I still like the more subtle cat form better. I’d love a black one.

    But this one does look nice and unique, and I obviously adore the Druid Class Hall 🙂

    It was a nice way to obtain the look, too!

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