WP Themes

Warning: Non-WoW non-polite rant. :p


I have some really annoying things with themes on WP. Been trying out a few for this site. I have so far not found one theme that just inline show the image full size. Some themes do not even show full size when opening image in new tab. They add a width limit, even when viewing just the image! That is weird behaviour. Weird as in “shitty”. I can’t even figure out where that width limit comes from. Many themes look like p*ss on a big screen (I hardly ever surf on my phone, and I don’t have a tablet). I have a 22″ screen, which isn’t huge. The key word here is “responsive design”. Which in practice often means it looks nice on phones and tablets, and sh*t on a computer screen. E.g. blowing up text size so images are crammed like in a column mid-display. This crap has annoyed me for years.

Some themes just also ignore general WP settings. With most themes (except tiling ones) I like to have just the most recent post visible on front page. Most themes ignore that setting and create a big scroll of posts. If I want long scrolls, I time travel to the Middle Ages, ffs. At least the present theme, Canard, is able to list (i.e. make a scroll) short version of posts, without images. A lot of web design just does not work on computer screens anymore. Hey, my first computer was a Mac Plus. I don’t want a computer screen like that anymore.

Canard theme actually show images better and larger when I have the web browser in half-screen mode. Sigh…

This is anectdotal, but some problems seem also to stem from having a free wordpress account. Plus the servers seem overloaded at times. But one get what one pays for.

PS, I still have that Mac Plus. It works. Not that I use it. Build quality is excellent. But it also cost quite much back in the day. 29 years ago. It’s a whisper from the old codgers 😉

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