Guerilla gardening in Pandaria

I recently started growing raw materials, for a younger member of the Wisteria clan, on my little garden outside Halfhill. “Halfhill” is a funny name. I never heard why it is called that. By the way, the Wisteria clan is a group of Alliance of all walks of life. We share a common destiny, but we do not exactly know what keeps us together. Wisteria is oldest and wisest so we follow her lead. I haven’t met any of the others for years, but we keep in frequent contact through mail. Sometimes I find new things in my wardrobe I do not know how they got there. But I better not ask too many questions.

Let me tell you about my first time travelling to Halfhill!

I had not been able to bring any of my trusty steeds to Pandaria. And no Pandaren wanted to lease or sell any riding animal to a warlock. So I had bought a rocket from a gnome. He said it was safe. It was not. It managed to fly me to Stormstout Brewery. It was nosiy and smoky and it was shaking a lot so I got only fragments of views of the fantastic continent of Pandaria. So I got quite far, but not exactly where I wanted. I got out of the wreck. Had a few beers with some Pandaren chilling outside. I forgot my mission to look for farm land. The Pandaren beer appreciators told me large parts of the Brewery had been taken by bad beings. I promised them I would soon return with a group of fighters to help them get it back. One of the Pandaren showed interest in the remains of my rocket, and I gave them to him. “Maybe those scraps will cause a technological revolution in Pandaria. Poor chaps”, I thought to myself.

Next day when I woke up in a small hut, they pointed me the direction towards Halfhill.
“Excellent food there, but the brews are a bit meh, but do not tell them that.”

I started on my brisk (well…) walk towards my goal. The roads are in great shape! I asked a Pandaren farmer how far it was:
“Excuse me sir, I have walked from the brewery and could you please tell me how far it is to Halfhill?”
He was apparently stunned to see me, so it took him a while to answer.
“Hello strange stranger, you are about halfway there, so keep going!”
I bowed and thanked him and pointed to his very nice dwelling:
“So this is the halfway house?”
He got mad and threw a shovel at me, so I ran fast. Surprising temper considering they always say “calm down”.

I arrived at Halfhill and it is a lovely and lively place. I told them about the halfway house incident, and they roared with laughter. They told me that farmers are extremely proud of their estates. They also told me the meaning of “halfway house”. I thanked them for the clarification, and told them I am not a native English speaker, so I frequently get into trouble. When I said that, they looked at me like I come from Argus.

So after this little segway (…the whispers of the old codgers…) in my story, we are back to the present. While my little garden is top notch I thought of expanding with some guerilla gardening. But oh boy! Those Pandaria roads are very well built and used for so long they are very very hard. I’ll see what I can come up with next time!


9 thoughts on “Guerilla gardening in Pandaria

  1. Thank you for the story πŸ™‚ I adore that place. So peaceful. Knowing a little about your characters made me chuckle at that first part. β™₯

    What a neat screenshot, fits the story “end” πŸ˜€ When is part 2 coming? πŸ˜‰

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    1. The other day I realised I had never tested how far from the growing plot the plow actually works. That’s how I wound up on the road. Then when I was posting it the story just came to me… I mean I remembered the true facts about my first time in the Valley of the Four Winds. Not sure there is much more to tell about my agricultural labors.

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  2. Amazing story, I loved it! πŸ˜€ Halfhill was my Monk Gnome’s home for quite some time, until I did all the cooking and farming quests πŸ™‚ Even after, I still go there from time to time just because I eventually got a home by the farm, refurnished and everything! So to read this, I actually believe this could very well have happened, you really got the Pandaren spirit there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I am glad my stories bring a smile or two πŸ™‚
      Halfhill is a nice place. On pvp realms the farm must be a nice place to take a break!
      I like the whole of Pandaria. πŸ™‚

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