A propos Blizzcon

Why are such events called “con”? It’s all trick and bogus? “We give you shinies and you give us moneys”? πŸ˜‰

The announcement of Classic servers was very surprising. I played a few times on private vanilla servers, and it has been fun to relive some of the old times. Also, finding out things that I never found or noticed back then. One thing these private realms have that the coming Classic ones will not (I am pretty sure) is global membership. One of the fun things with private realms is that there are people from all over the world. Of course the ones on different continents than where the server is situated might experience delays and a little lag. But still, a quite nice feature, by accident.

Another nice thing with some of the private vanilla realms is that they may have some things, e.g. talent trees from patch 1.12 (last vanilla patch) or all AH up, not just IF, from start. That I think is an improvement, but still “vanilla ok”. However, that gaming content is progressively released, like in the original, is just a must for Classic, imho. E.g. Alterac Valley will at first have the elite trolls at Snowfall graveyard, BWL and AQ will not be there from start, the old unarmored lvl 60 mounts will be there for the first patches, etc etc. I read that the Classic servers will not be cross realm. Vanilla was not, although battlegrounds were cross realm during maybe the last six months before BC. That made queueing easier. In our battle group the premades from Stormscale were the meanest and baddest, at least if you played Alliance. I played some premades, and when those Stormscale hordies were on the other side it was ouch ouch haha. Segwaying into Memory Lane here… That pve was not cross realm made servers more like community. Even if you didnt know players, you recognised them. I do not know about other realms, but the official Turalyon EU forum was pretty fun at times!

I will probably try out the Classic servers.

As for the announcement of next expansion, it feels not very exciting, but who knows? However, and this is a genuine gripe I have with it: Why the heck do they announce them so early??? Everybody knows there will be an expansion, can’t we just focus on the present one??? There will be at least 7 pvp seasons in Legion. We are now at season 5 (they are getting shorter for each expansion), so the expansion will be at the earliest about midsummer 2018. If Legion feels like old hat already, take a break from wow and do other stuff for six months or so. I guess Blizz wants unsalaried beta testers en masse. Mumble mumble grumpy grumpy me.

ps. One more thing. There will be should not be achievements in vanilla, so as not to make it possible to retroactively get legacy achievements. Items from Classic server will not go into collection. Etc. That’s what I think. Keep those realms isolated from the regular servers. Get off my vanilla lawn!


10 thoughts on “A propos Blizzcon

  1. Oh I hear you loud and clear on the announcement times.

    I don’t get why it’s so early either. I think that some hype are being capsuled in a way, because we are so far from it, still so many pieces of the puzzle missing. Like the burning of Teldrassil. Why what what what!?

    Hah vanilla lawn. I agree πŸ™‚ I am curious to see how they decide to go about this! I guess the safest bet is to make it as identical as possible, to avoid a slippery road of adding juuust this and that to improve a little?

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    1. Yes I think they should get as close to the old as possible. E.g. talent trees were better in BC, but we managed with the old ones. One of the things I would miss most is enchanting scrolls. That wouldn’t affect the game significantly, it certainly would make things easier both for enchanters and buyers, but then if we start “improving” vanilla, where do we stop?

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  2. I’m excited about it πŸ™‚

    It brought back my memories of playing Wacraft III, sometimes making maps with all the factions for all out war.

    But I’m sure it’s gonna have something for everybody, so we can all have fun. The island exploration seems super fun, and I can’t wait to test the AI on the 3 man scenarios.

    Well, one of the reasons they announce early is to assure players of what is next, I think. Most will hit the end endgame pretty soon, and a new xpac will keep them in the game as well as draw new players, allowing them some time to level all the way to 110.

    As for classic WoW, I hope it’s exactly like vanilla. Low res models and all. I won’t play it, and I absolutely don’t understand it, but I’m happy for those players πŸ™‚

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    1. It does seem the game will change quite a lot. Although I find it hard to really figure out how it will work. I will not try ptr, so it will be as new as it can be for me.
      One of the moments in wow that stunned me was going thru the portal to Hellfire Peninsula the first time. Even if I knew something of what awaited me it was big, scary and just impressive. I want to be stunned! Well, maybe not literally… πŸ˜€

      As for low res, when I played on private realms with a modern computer the game looks pretty great for being MMO from ca 2005! Most of us had smaller screens and way weaker computers back then. It does feel quite new. Maybe also WoW’s “non-realistic” style helps it not grow old so fast.

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  3. Yeah, I think for Classic to work, it has to be a free-standing game separate from our current activities with the little icon to the left on our Launcher. It should be fun to peek into.
    I don’t know if it was from slow leveling but I surely do remember seeing the same players every day in Tanaris and sometimes joining up to do a task; that was fun.

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