Coming expansion, pt 2

My previous post, about next expansion, outlines what my supreme theorizing lead me to… predict. I strongly advise you to read it first. In this post I have gathered the little information I have. Remember, these are rumours combined with deduction and I take no responsibility for any occurence of truth or falsehoods or whatever lies between them and outside them.

These are two factions some have suggested might be in The Whispers of the Old Codgers:

The Army of the Lighter. Quartermaster: Fras Siabi. Rewards: cigars and pipes that slows down your playing. At exalted: “Smokin!”, a deodorant that envelops your character in smoke, plus gives extra dodge. Occasional cough. And confusion. To all.

Derelict Duffers. Start at unfriendly (“grumpy”), progress to neutral (“gone fishin”) and work yourself up to exalted. Rep improvement is slooow, about same as the original Winterspring Saber grind. Reward: the worlds comfiest fishing chair plus a fishing pole that catches nothing (we don’t want that extra work of taking care of the fish).

A loong quest chain rewards the player with the first legendary mount: A flying rocking chair. Back and forth through the skies. 99% speed. Can be equipped with a shotgun.

Tailors and leatherworkers will be able to learn patterns for comfy slippers. In all colors, as long as they are brown.

I asked an elderly gamer of my acquaintance what he thinks of this rumoured outlook for Warcraft. He shook his walking stick and yelled:

“After Legion, I called the Blizzard folks absolute showers, but this sounds excellent! Finally some sense, I say!”

While I am on this prediction train, I must confess I do not believe the persistent rumour that wow 9.0 will feature Malfurion falling to the Blingtrons corruption, to be transformed into Malfunction Stormrage. That would be no mean storytelling. It would be super-mean.


7 thoughts on “Coming expansion, pt 2

    1. That is a great find! I guess it is further proof.
      I heard that someone had datamined “Metzen’s Moustache Wax” and “Pretty Paladin’s Pomade”, but I have not been able to confirm it.

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  1. Just listening to the latest (317) episode of Dan Carlin’s Common Sense podcast, where he refers to himself half-jokingly as being in a mode of “Old Codgerism”. Just shows how this concept is in the air! 😉
    (Atm of writing the episode is not yet up on his site, but can be found elsewhere, or in its feed.).


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